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Dodgers: Max Scherzer, Dave Roberts Speak on the Heavyweight NLDS Matchup with the Giants

It’s still crazy to think that the Dodgers won 106 wins in the regular season and not only lost the NL West crown, but also had to fight its way out of the Wild Card game. All of that because the San Francisco Giants played at a historic rate and won 107 wins in the regular season.

The Dodgers didn’t do too much complaining though and instead set off to work. While it was a struggle, Los Angeles hung in there and escaped the elimination game with a 3-1 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. It took a shut down bullpen and a little bit of walk off magic, but they pulled it off and will head to San Francisco seeking revenge.

Max Scherzer who started the Wild Card game, spoke on the challenge that awaits them in the NLDS.

“They’ve been a great team. They won the division. They beat us. Now we have an opportunity to get em where we want em, and that’s to win in the postseason. They’re a great, talented team — obviously they showed that throughout this season, so it’s absolutely gonna take everything from us to win this series. So, here we go, let’s play some baseball”

It will take every inch of talent this Dodgers’ roster has in order to take down the Giants. The two teams met 19 times throughout the regular season with Frisco narrowly winning the season series 10-9. While the showdown comes pretty early in the postseason, it’s one everyone has been waiting for. It’s good for baseball; two powerhouse teams squaring off with all eyes on them. Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts sure thinks so.

“It’s what baseball wants… Giants, Dodgers — one of the greatest rivalries in sports and it’s happening.”

In their first ever postseason matchup, one will emerge victorious and continue their fight to be crowned champions. There have been 2,535 meetings between these two storied franchises, but none have ever been as important as this next series.

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  1. a WC walk off is exactly what this team and the fans needed to have the confidence and faith vs the Giants. I now believe in this team like I did after they came back 3-1 vs braves last year. 2020 Postseason Roberts is also back. Whatever happens now we should at least be able to be at peace knowing our manager is finally doing things right and our team is showing playoff grit

    1. You are right about that! Roberts made all the right moves with guts and totally out-managed Mike Shildt in all phases of the game. However, this Giants series will be a big challenge and a chess match between two organizations that know each other very well. LET’S GO DODGERS!!!

  2. Indeed! I think it’s imperative to land an early blow in game 1 ala CT3’s lead-off dinger vs the cheatstros in ‘17. Need to set the tone early! Get those Giants on their heels. Relentless pressure and productive outs! Go blue!

    1. Pandemonium! I yelled so loud the chandelier in my dining room was shaking lol.

  3. Ok folks, here is my Friday night game 1 lineup for your perusal:

    RF Betts
    SS Seager
    2B T Turner
    3B J Turner
    1B Beaty
    LF Taylor
    CF Bellinger
    C Barnes
    P Buehler

    I’m going with defense here. Because I know pitching and defense is huge in the postseason. Questions, comments?
    Let’s go Dodgers!!

    1. Beaty is fine at 1st but not quite sure he should bat 5th behind Turner. I have a feeling Roberts may want Pollock in there, albeit maybe up through the 6th inning. Barnes figures to get the call to keep him relevant and with a chance to contribute in a clutch situation. As you know, the best defense in the world can’t get the team the win without scoring enough to win the game.

      1. Paul, the reasoning behind Beaty in the 5 hole was an attempt to split the lefty/righty as well as possible. Slotting him in the 6 hole would give them back to back lefties which I was trying to avoid. There is a method to my madness 😉

  4. Taylor has cemented himself in Dodger lore & is an absolute must-sign.

    But am I the only one who felt the entire universe skip a beat & pause to contemplate the moment Tío Albert stepped in the box in the 9th? Suddenly his Dodger signing crystallized with a possibility of unfathomable irony. Could the future Cardinal HOF’er be the one to take them down? All of Cardinal Nation must have cringed with anxiety & indecision. Had he been the one to hit it out, it would have exorcized every baseball demon I’ve harbored over all these years. The only thing louder than my tears of joy, would have been my endless laughter…

    1. DHass, I can guarantee you you were not alone in that sentiment. What a storybook ending that would have been. I wished it would have come true. However, at least the heroic feat befell a super loveable player. CT3 is so humble and good natured, not an ounce of pretentiousness in his body. How can you not root for a guy like that?

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