Dodgers: Is There A Post-Season Role For Julio Urías?

We’ve now had a couple of days to absorb the suspension of Julio Urías for violating Major League Baseball’s Domestic Violence Policy. The next day we received the information that Urías would be stretched out as a starter as an option for October.

That is quick change of plans since before the suspension was announced. Previously Dave Roberts had spoken about looking at Urías as a reliever in high leverage situations instead of his once every 4-6 day 2-3 inning appearances. I had him as an important part of the bullpen also.

I’ll take a look at what should be done with Julio for the 2019 post-season and also some possibilities beyond baseball.

A Starter Now?

Why would the Dodgers reverse course with Urías? Why stretch him out as a starter when he was a perfect fit as a reliever on the post-season roster? As I search for reasons why the Dodgers would do this I believe there is a reason beyond the post-season roster why the Dodgers are making this change.

It is my belief the Dodgers are going to use Urías in September as a starter to save innings of some other starters that will be used in the playoffs. I also think Urías will not be on the playoff roster as a starter or as a reliever. I believe the Dodgers will take a principled stand with Julio Urías due to his arrest and suspension. They had a chance to trade for Aroldis Chapman and took a principled stand then. Why not now?

Bigger Than Baseball

I’ve been a huge fan of Julio Urías since I first heard about him when he was just entering prospect status with the Dodgers. My wife and I went to New York to witness his Major League debut. We don’t know about the details of what happened on the night of his arrest. What we do know is that there was a enough information to suspend him. We also know that he can still be prosecuted if he doesn’t follow the following terms:

  • Participates in a city attorney hearing.
  • Commits “no acts of violence against anyone.
  • Participates in and finishes a 52-week “domestic violence counseling program in person, and in a group setting.

These type of terms are not given to an innocent man.

Would it be the worst thing to have Julio Urías sit out the playoffs? I am hopeful that the Dodgers will take a principled stance. Let him get the help he needs so that he will not lay hands on a woman again. The Dodgers are filled with great examples of players that seem to know about what it means to treat women correctly.

Final Analysis

I believe the Dodgers will be consistent in their dealings with players that have violated Major League Baseball’s Domestic Violence Policy. Urías is a different case than Chapman or Roberto Osuna as he is already part of the Dodger family. I am hopeful that the front office will keep him off the playoff roster. My hope is that he will be a better man for the 2020 season. I do believe in redemption and that people can change. Most importantly, I am hopeful that his victim will be healed and can live a life free of violence.

I ask, why would the Dodgers so drastically change what Urías will be doing in September? Maybe I am being a bit optimistic on the Dodgers taking a stand but I hold out hope. I do hope the Dodgers win the World Series in 2019 but I want them to do it in a way we can all be proud of.

Tim Rogers

A fan of the Dodgers since 1973 since I got my first baseball cards while living in Long Beach. I came to San Diego for college and never left nor did I ever switch my Dodgers' allegiance. Some know me as the "sweater guy". #ProspectHugger


  1. It does seem like Urias has been “on the radar” for a decade now. And maybe the Dodgers don’t plan to use him in the post season. But like Houston and Osuna, I suspect that the decision will be based more on win-probability than taking a “stand.” I just want to see him firmly set in the rotation next spring so that we can see – once and for all – what he will do

  2. Don’t hold your breath Tim. I don’t think enough is known to warrant such drastic measures, especially since the victim said it was nothing. If the victim had taken a 180 degree stance, then we’d be dealing with a more serious issue, potentially, assuming she was telling the truth. I know a lot of victims downplay instances like these, for various reasons, but more and more victims are coming out too, so…

    Urias will be on the roster come postseason play. And if the team doc(s) and trainer(s) say he can pitch more, he will pitch more. His talent is huge, even as a hitter, and he can be an integral part of the team winning it all.

  3. Obviously, Urias is being stretched out for a reason. Frankly, I could see Urias as a starter in post-season. On the other hand, he has more innings under his belt that Gonsolin or May if we are talking about the BP. He would also make an excellent long man out of the BP. Trust me when I say, JU will be a force to be reckoned with in post season play. Go Blue!!!

  4. Why are they picking on urias? With Chapman and osuna , they didn’t make a big deal out of it. Why keep him in the bullpen? And also why keep him out of the playoffs. I’m not the only one, I think, that feels that way.It’s ridiculous .there is something wrong the baseball association and the “front office”. I can’t believe that they “they didn’t know” anything about it until NOW.henry

  5. Stop with this PC BS you guys know damn well he didnt hit no girl she said she was trying to leave and he was holding her so she dosnt go and she fell that why the charges were dropped SMFH

  6. Absurd. Of course, Urias is going to be on playoff roster, especially if the Dodger’s want to win in the playoffs. With an era around 2.50 and the fact that he is a) if not the only, by far and away the best LHP option in the bullpen, *b) the best pitcher the Dodger’s have away from Dodger Stadium, in terms of numbers, and c) the freshest arm on the team.

    The Dodger’s have stated since the beginning of this matter that the issue will be handled by MLB. MLB has handed down it’s ruling, Urias has accepted and when he returns the matter will have been laid to rest. Projecting your own self-righteous view of this matter onto the Dodger organisation will only lead to disappointment, so don’t.

    *b) Road era’s

    Urias: 1.56
    Ryu: 2.55
    Kershaw: 3.14
    Buehler: 4.37 era
    Jansen: 5.12
    Baez: 5.40
    Maeda: 5.67

  7. Tim, come on, principled stand. For what exactly? He is one of the better Dodger pitchers, period. No way does a team with a weak pen leave a guy who can go multiple innings, if needed, off of the roster.

  8. Wow. The PC police are at it again.
    The principled plan is to allow whatever punishment MLB doles out to be done, then let the young man return to his life. That’s it.

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