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Dodgers: Joc Pederson Identified as Prime Trade Candidate by ESPN

The Dodgers will probably make a few moves this off-season that impact key members of their long-standing core — left-handed outfielder Joc Pederson being amongst those most likely to be impacted.

Pederson, 27, is heading into the final year of arbitration with the Dodgers and seems poised to cash in on a large pay day. With the Dodgers capable of pulling off blockbuster trades with their insane prospect depth, major league depth, and financial flexibility, Pederson could easily be a piece moved to match contracts.

ESPN’s David Schoenfield identified Pederson as one of MLB’s top ten likeliest players to be dealt that are not named Mookie Betts or Francisco Lindor. The funny thing is, Pederson could very easily be dealt in a trade for one of those two men.

Within Schoenfield’s analysis of Pederson’s standing with the Dodgers and the rest of the league, he presents a lot of excellent points.

AJ Pollock

The presence of AJ Pollock on the roster may find a way to oust Pederson. The Dodgers signed Pollock to be an everyday regular last offseason and would probably have little to no interest in putting him on the short side of a platoon with Joc Pederson.


Joc Pederson is underrated and under-appreciated. It’s hard to love a hitter as streaky as Pederson, but he is pretty darn productive year in and year out. He crushed 36 home runs last season and put up 3.0 WAR — pretty good for a platoon player. He will likely never be anything more than a platoon player due to his well-documented struggles against left-handed pitching, but he is still very valuable for what he is.

Trade Use

Pederson could fetch a good reliever or be used in a deal for a big bat. The possibilities are truly endless. The main thing is, though, that he is due around $9 million in arbitration. Is a platoon player, as good as Pederson is being taken into account, worth that price? We will see what the Dodgers think this winter.

Daniel Preciado

My name is Daniel Preciado and I am 19 years old. I am a sophomore Sport Analytics major and Cognitive Science and Economics dual minor at Syracuse University. When I am not in New York, I live in Whittier, California --- not too far from Chavez Ravine. I am pretty old-school for being an analytics guy and I will always embrace debate. Also, Chase Utley did absolutely nothing wrong.


  1. Joc’s OPS+ and wRC+ (runs created) was 27% above MLB average in 2019, with 36 home runs, 83 runs scored, and 74 RBI in 450 at bats. Before you trade him how are you going to replace that offense? I will guarantee you that AJ Pollock is not going to do it; ditto Hernandez, Taylor, Rios, or Beaty. Pollock is the guy who should be traded / dumped — addition by subtraction for the Dodgers.

    1. So, remove a right handed bat that can hit a lefty for a lefty that is hopeless against a left handed pitcher. Brilliant, simply brilliant.

      1. Dodgers still have Kiké Hernandez, or Chris Taylor – either of whom are better than Pollock, offensively and defensively. Apparently you want to trade Pederson with no recommendation on how to replace his offense — you need to think before writing

    2. The only problem with that is no one will take Pollock’s contract so the Dodgers would have to eat a good portion of it. No one (myself included) saw it at the time but Pollock might go down as one of the worst FA signings in Dodger history. They signed him to play centerfield, then he proved he couldn’t play that position so they moved him to left. If you thought his regular season was a disappointment, he was 0-13 with 11 K’s in Div. Series! Yet he gets no responsibility for that debacle. What a waste.

    3. First of all Pederson is an automatic out vs lefties. Then you sub in Taylor a career 260 hitter or Kiki a career 241 hitter. and it gets worse in playoffs Pederson 239 world series 233, Kiki post season 213 world series 179, Taylor Post season 255, world series 195. This is actually the problem. 3 guys taking up roster spots that may can been filled by a young player with upside. It gets very boring seeing them come up in tight spots and failing putting pressure on the rest of the lineup. Pederson is a huge problem with his fielding barely average and no speed from the leadoff spot. Get rid of him yesterday

    4. SoCal, you are right on point as usual!!!! If you do trade Joc, my only concern is how do you replace his offense? Simply put, you cannot. Pollock, as you correctly state, needs to be moved. We have enough top tier minor league players who can be dealt as the need – and we do have major needs – arises. Of course, when your FO signs Rocky Gale, I must admit I would like to know the direction the team is going in. Go Blue!!!

  2. Hey Laker Dude. He did not win the 2017 MVP because the Dodgers did not win the series in 2017, 2018, or 2019. And unless you want to keep watching them lose in the playoffs, they need to make changes. And Joc and his total inability to hit left handed pitching is a needed change.

    1. My guess is his reference refers to the cheating scandal and that Houston will be stripped of the title and LA getting it


  4. Trading Pollock is dicey at best. He has Not proven he can stay healthy for a full 162-game season. His terrible contract is the other factor. Trade Pederson and see what you can get.

    1. I think most of us like Joc as a Dodger. But we should be able to get a top notch reliever for him. One for one. 35 homers is nothing to sneeze at. But we have Verdugo back and nowhere to put him. He could win a gold glove in right; or man center and keep Cody in right. Either or, possibly 2 outfield gold gloves plus offensive skills against both lefties and righties. Plus Pollock USED to be a force when he played AGAINST us. He may be better next year if kept in left and no metallic objects in his arm.

  5. Keep Pederson and dump Pollock. If Pollock is so good how come no one seemingly wants him? Concerned about him platooning with Joc? He calls that shot with his injury record. He is always on platoon status but on his (injury) schedule. If they get rid of Joc and keep Pollock who is the platoon guy ( against all pitchers) when he cannot muster to play? No one yet has articulated on that game plan

    1. Jim,
      You’re asking a logical question. Dodgers must keep Polluck. It’s part of their tradition of obtaining and keeping damaged goods.

  6. Pollack is not the answer. His injury record speaks for itself. Not the best trade ever. Pederson is frustrating as well. Keep waiting for him to play up to his potential. Lesser of two would be to eat Pollack’s salary and trade him for a pitcher or right handed batter.

  7. I’m with tim..

    Dodgers can’t trade Pollock…Joc has more value for a trade
    Dodgers just can’t dump Pollock’s contract and Jocs inability to hit LH pitching

  8. After seeing what little Pollock brings, we have to read about trading Petey. I thought trades were about improving the team; therefore, getting rid of non-performers like Pollock (even if it mean eating some money). I have gotten to like Peterson over the years, flaws and all.

  9. i would keep him and let him play against lefties in spring trainning when the games don’t mean anytbing maybe if he is given a chance to play against them he will hit against them

  10. Dump pollock better to eat his contract than him hurting the team.Let Joc play everyday,he will hit over 45 hrs per year for next 8 or nine years.He wasn’t striking out every at bat against lefthanders,he made contact and by playing everyday he can only get better but stupid Roberts and dumb friedman 2 analytical fools will never see it,hall of famers like Reggie Jackson Mike Schmidt would have been platooned by this 2 bozos.

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