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Dodgers Joc Pederson Shares Strong Bond with Brother

Los Angeles Dodgers center fielder Joc Pederson is one of the teams brightest stars. Alongside Kiké Hernandez and Justin Turner you can always find them having fun.

But there is someone else that has made Pederson’s time with the Dodgers even better, his older brother Champ Pederson.

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It’s a special bond between brothers that Joc highlights in a post posted on Players Tribune.

An excerpt from Joc Pederson’s article on Players Tribune:

[Champ] brings this happiness out of people all the time. They see how much fun it is to have him around. And what’s more, he’s always done everything with me. He’s in the locker room before games, he’s hanging with all the players. So this time was nothing different. Nothing special. Nothing put on. Champ’s just always been there.

Every person who meets him immediately knows what it means to “Live Like a Champ.” It means you stay positive, even on the tough days.

In the article, co-written by his brother, Champ also shares his experiences. Here’s an excerpt from the article written by Champ, Joc Pederson’s brother:

Hi. My name is Champ Pederson. I have Down syndrome, but that does not define me. I am a big brother to Joc, who plays centerfield for the L.A. Dodgers.

When Adrian Gonzalez asked me to give a speech. I felt honored to talk to the Dodgers. It’s time for Dodger baseball. I said to the team that they had a shot during the chase for October, when the best teams are playing.

To read the full article, which I highly recommend, visit Players Tribune.

Family is important on and off the field. The environment of brotherhood the team has created and cultivated is sure to help the Dodgers. It should be easy enough to translate that love and trust to the field. We appreciate getting to know our team better, and thank Joc for opening up his family to us.

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