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Dodgers: Joe Davis Talks About What Made Him So Good at His Job

The Dodgers and their fans were lucky enough to have Vin Scully to call their games for a very long time. As great as that was, it also made it incredibly difficult to let him go when Vin decided to retire. Luckily, Los Angeles got another great broadcaster.

When Joe Davis was announced as the next Dodgers’ broadcaster, he immediately had huge shoes to fill. Coming in after Vin certainly is not an easy task. But Joe has long talked about not trying to replace Vin but to honor him. And honor him he has, doing an incredible job in just a few short years. 

Davis talked about what goes into his craft recently in a live session for the Sportscaster Talent Agency of America. 

When I was doing minor league baseball, I had a little more time because this was kidless time, this was before I had two kids. I would listen to just about every pitch of every game that I did. I say just about, I would listen to every pitch of every game the next day after doing Biscuits games. I would get as obsessive as like, typing out a transcript of what I was saying. 

The Dodgers’ broadcaster is over course referring to his time with the Montgomery Biscuits, a Double-A affiliate for the Tamba Bay Rays. David worked called games there from 2010 to 2012. Part of getting to the level where he is today apparently consisted of listening to himself talk a lot, which is no easy task. 

But in terms of the quality that we’ve gotten out of Joe Davis the past few years, we’re very thankful that he put in all of that effort over those years. Davis has grown to be a real fan favorite among Dodgers fans in the years following the legendary Vin Scully. 

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  1. Honestly? This guy sucks with that fake voice when he reads out stats or anecdotes trying to imitate Vin. And don’t get me started on Steiner. Sounds drunk on the radio, forgets innings/outs/player names all the time, and talk about lack of excitement in his voice, even during the playoffs. I’ll take the Bulldog and Monday any day over these two clowns. Damn I miss Vin…

  2. Joe Davis is awesome as the next Dodgers announcer. He is NOT Vin Scully. But he doesn’t try to be. But he reminds us of how great Vin Scully was because of all of the work he puts into preparing, much like Vin did. And it shows. And he is so personable, much like Vin again. So, he reminds us of greatness, without replacing it, and by being great himself in similar, but different ways. Thank you Vin for all of the years. And thank you Joe for all of the great years yo are giving us and all of the great, pleasurable years to come. Thank you both for so greatly presenting Dodgers baseball for all of us fans.

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