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Dodgers: Joe Kelly Receives Custom Mariachi Bobblehead from Fan

This is Joseph Kelly’s world, we’re just living in it, Dodgers Nation. LA right-hander Joe Kelly has been known to be a bit quirky, so when the relief pitcher traded his jersey for a mariachi jacket late last month, it was not a shock to anyone.

Certainly, no one expected to see the jacket again anytime soon, so when Kelly showed up to the White House wearing it, his teammates were a bit surprised. And yet, at the same time, not.

“I saw Joe in the morning at breakfast at the hotel,” Dave Roberts said. “It was more of a smile with a head shake. Unexpected, but not surprised by the outfit.”

The outfit was a hit with teammates and fans alike.

As the jacket and Kelly’s White House attire made national headlines, Joseph’s legend grew as a viral superstar. For the second straight year he sparked memes, artwork, and of course, t-shirts (check out ours here, by the way).

So, naturally, a custom bobblehead had to happen. That’s the next step in line with these viral moments.

This weekend, Joe was presented with his own custon El Mariachi bobblehead by Dodger fan @vallinp on Instagram.

Looks like Joe was happily surprised by the one-of-a-kind gift.

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  1. This guy Joe I mean Joesph or did I spell it correctly. That was a cool jacket if I might say so. Sparkles hmmm good idea.Starting Monday

  2. What a great looking bobble head.The Dodgers should contact the company that made this and have a Mariachi Kelly bobble head night! Only in LA!I love LA!

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