Dodgers: Justin Turner Takes Some Swings at a Local Practice Facility

Dodgers fans will be watching every move made by fan-favorite Justin Turner over the next few weeks. As we all anxiously wait to find out if JT will be returning to Los Angeles, everything he posts on social media will no doubt be thoroughly examined. 

The interest in Justin Turner was renewed when the Yankees officially signed DJ LaMahieu to a 6-year deal on Friday. Once that possibility faded away, Dodgers fans suddenly seemed very interested in what JT was up to. 

The answer to that question was later posted on JT’s Instagram page. The 36-year-old veteran posted a video of him taking swings at a local batting cage. The Ball Yard in Chatsworth is a private facility that Turner often uses to get his swings in during the offseason with the Dodgers. 

That means that not only is Justin back from his RV trip around the country, but he is working back into baseball activities. The fact that he is taking swings in a local cage only adds to the intrigue of free-agency. Obviously, it has nothing to do with JT resigning with the Dodgers, but the timing is interesting. It all comes just hours after DJLM came off of the market so…that’s cool.

The Dodgers have reportedly been 2 years apart on the desired contract with Turner. Understandably, JT would like a 4-year deal that would carry him well into his retirement. Los Angeles might not be willing to go that extra-mile given their current depth. We’ll see. 

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  1. I think a fair contract would be 2 years $24M with a club option 3rd year. Club option year would have a $6M buyout. That gives JT $30M guaranteed. I don’t see JT getting 4 years from anyone. He can still play 3rd for another year or two, and if the DH is implemented, he can transition to it.

    1. Dodgers want 2 years, Turner wants 4. Dodgers should offer 3 years 36 million and get it done. Not that many great 3b options out there without trading.

    1. I agree with Hand. Maybe Yates too. (Can never have too much good pitching). Not sure about Ozuna. He has power, but strikes out a lot. Doesn’t bring anything defensively. Would rather have someone who makes contact and isn’t a liability in the field. Maybe it’s a matter of bringing JT back.

    1. Good question here. A vesting option in the ballpark of what he is getting in the previous 2 years, but Dodgers would look at his projections perhaps being age 38 by that time. Tough one to put an exact amount on.

          1. I was looking at Turner’s last contract. His avg. was $16M per year, over 4 years, including a $4M signing bonus. That was at age 32, however. I’ve seen him becoming more injury prone the past couple seasons, and can’t imagine his health improving as he ages. This is a tough choice. Maybe the Dodgers tell him to see what he can get, and check back with them before he signs to see if they can match. I’m pretty sure, all things being equal, he’d re-sign with the Dodgers for the same terms, as a competing team. One last thought. I don’t know what Justin’s plans are after baseball, but the Dodgers often find jobs for former players that are loyal to the organization. (just something to consider).

  2. Yep, Nevin, sounds like a good offer here in Illinois, too. DJ signing for 15 mil per is sure a lot less than he probably thought about just one year ago. Donaldson got 16 and then 21 for 3 years with a club option for 16 for one more year. 5 years for 95. So, definately a more team friendly contract this year. And with Kelly and Jansen off the books ’21 and Price in ’22 no reason not to sign Justin. I would think Friedman should be really happy to sign a less than 15 mil per year with Justin.

  3. Dodgers want 2 years, Turner wants 4. Dodgers should offer 3 years 36 million and get it done. Not that many great 3b options out there without trading.

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