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Dodgers: Detailing Justin Turner’s Reported 2 Year Deal with Los Angeles

The Dodgers and their fans finally got their wish this offseason. Justin Turner took to his social media accounts on Saturday to announce to Los Angeles that he was returning, indicating a real had been signed. 

The deal with the Dodgers was announced later by ESPN as well as other members of the media. Initial terms were reported to be for 2 years and in the range of $30 million. 

The latest update from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic tweeted that Turner’s deal is for 2 years and $34 million. There is also a team option for a third year at about $14 million, plus an $8 million signing bonus. The deal could be worth upwards of $52 million with “escalators tied to MVP voting.”

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That would give the Dodgers the financial flexibility to navigate 2021 and beyond while keeping Turner around. It would also allow them to navigate Turner’s future with the team depending on how the next few years shape out. 

For Turner, the deal could allow him to become a free agent at age 38. While not an ideal age to be a free agent, his productivity could still prove useful for a club looking for a bench bat or DH in 2023. That would at least allow him to seek out one more year should he move on from the Dodgers. 

Regardless of what the future holds, the next 2 years will feature Justin Turner with the Dodgers. Los Angeles now has their third baseman locked down this year, and 2022 will no doubt feature JT in a DH type of hybrid role. Let’s run it back, Los Angeles. 

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  1. Perfect deal for both. JT gets 8 Million signing bonus plus a 2 year deal with an option. They both get to go after another WS Championship with a stronger club.
    Dodgers get to hold him to a 2 year deal as they have some highly rated Minor Leaguers coming up fast and Rios is already on the club and has been impressive with limited opportunities.
    Win Win

  2. Does anyone that knows baseball believe the penalties for spending money will be in the next Players agreement next year? Kershaw came out yesterday saying most of the teams are sand bagging and not competing. The Players will get the penalties removed or there will be a long strike.
    Has the Competitive balance cap with the money and draft penalties allowed small market teams to compete? Look at the top teams in the WS the last several years they are all big market teams. Houston, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles.

    1. The DH WILL be part of any new deal if what they see what takes place this year seeing the pitchers having to bat. That is ridiculous when one thinks how risky this may be this year, unless there are last minute changes. IDK but every team should have concerns about this because remember that when an AL team plays inter league games in NL parks, their pitchers must bat and that’s worse due to fact that they don’t take an AB all year otherwise.

      1. I hope not. The DH is just a sop to one dimensional players. Frequently pitchers coming up were at one time the best athletes on their team and could not only pitch, but hit and often play another position. The DH is a dumbing down of the sport. If a pitcher can’t help his team offensively, if even in a minor role, then he owes it to himself to improve. If he can’t, then the team should accept it, and maybe even use a little strategy. Baseball should not be just about offense and home run derby. It’s why it’s the best sport!

        1. In that case then neither league should have a DH. If that were the case, then fine with me. I’m only saying there shouldn’t be separate rules for each league.

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