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Dodgers: Trevor Bauer’s High Praise for Teammate Clayton Kershaw

It’s not every day that an MLB team gets the opportunity to pair up Cy Young Award winners on the same pitching staff. It’s even rarer to get the chance to pair up 3 guys in one rotation that have won the prestigious award. Luckily for the Dodgers, that’s exactly what they get to do in 2021. 

The Dodgers will roll into the new season with 3 guys on their staff having won the Cy Young. David Price won it back in 2012 and Trevor Bauer is coming off of the win in 2020. But Clayton Kershaw has taken home the award 3 different times, including a year in which he won the NL MVP Award. 

That sort of success is bound to have pitchers around the league anxious to work alongside you. Bauer recently spoke with am570’s Petros and Money about his arrival to the Dodgers, and he had the highest praise imaginable when referencing working with Kershaw. 

There’s obviously a tremendous amount of talent here on the team already. I’m looking forward to learning from everybody and you get to pitch with arguably the greatest pitcher our game has ever seen [Clayton Kershaw], I get to pitch with Walker Buehler and all of the young guys…I’d have to spend about an hour and a half to mention everyone’s name to get down the list of tremendous talent. 

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The prospect of watching great baseball minds like Bauer, Kershaw, Buehler, and Price work together is incredible. The Dodgers will no doubt feature one of the best starting rotations in baseball, and the sky truly is the limit for the staff. 

While adding in Bauer has Dodgers fans split in terms of his personality and his past, the pure baseball stance is wild to consider. 

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    1. good thing JT was re-signed so we don’t have to look for the Seager brothers in LA. We just want the SS Seager

  1. I don’t care about what Bauer’s activities are in his personal life apart from baseball. As long as he is not abusing his family or a rapist or murderer, I only care about how he performs as a Dodger and nothing else. Nobody reading this is perfect. If we were, we would be living our lives in something like a monastery.

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