Dodgers: Kenta Maeda Thanks LA Fans on Social Media After Trade to Twins

After seeing old friend Kenta Maeda officially donning a Twins uniform, it stirred up emotions for Dodgers fans…

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Saying goodbye is hard to do. After losing players like Rich Hill, David Freese, Russell Martin, Alex Verdugo and so on this off-season, the trade of Kenta-san added another layer of hurt.

Recently Maeda took to social media to express his feelings and to say good-bye.

Over the past four seasons, Los Angeles came to know Kenta Maeda as a hard-working and dedicated pitcher. It didn’t matter whether he was in the starting rotation, or as a lights-out reliever in a postseason, he was always appreciated. Kenta became part of the family, the Dodgers family, and although he is now with the Minnesota Twins, he will always be family. Maeda took to social media to express his feelings and to say good-bye.

I would like to take this moment to express my gratitude for welcoming my family from Japan to Los Angeles

Maeda made his debut on April 6, 2016 in San Diego pitching 6 shutout innings and launching his first MLB home run for the Dodgers. Fans and players have adored him ever since. It may be safe to say he felt the same.

You guys have made every moment enjoyable and I’m happy to have belonged to a fantastic organization

He continues on thanking staff, teammates, and fans. Then this happened

I’ll see you next in the World Series

Yes, yes you will.

While his time with the Dodgers has ended, Maeda has made an impact on the hearts of fans from California to Japan and has said that one of his favorite things is seeing fans stand and cheer for him, so let’s hope he gets plenty of ovations from Twins fans. As for when he comes back to Dodger Stadium — the Twins come to LA on March 28-29 — yeah, he’s definitely getting one.

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  1. Good man and pitcher. Team player. Going to miss him. Only thing that was annoying about him was that he’d get a bit emotional if he made a bad pitch that resulted in runs. Wish him luck with the twins.

  2. “launching his first MLB home run for the Dodgers”

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, wasn’t that his only home run for the Boys in Blue? Sure gonna miss the guy. So damn respectful and humble. You just don’t see that much in today’s game (any sport really).

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