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Dodgers: LA Extends Qualifying Offer to Corey Seager, Per Report

This move is one of the least surprising moves you’ll see all offseason for the Dodgers. According to MLB insider Jon Heyman, LA has or will extend a qualifying offer to free agent shortstop Corey Seager.

The move is essentially a formality at this point. Seager will have time to accept the $18.4 million deal for one year or reject and officially officially enter free agency. …as opposed to just officially.

Notably, Sunday is the last day for teams to issue qualifying offers to eligible players. For the Dodgers, Seager joins Clayton Kershaw and Chris Taylor as LA’s QO eligible players. If Seager rejects the qualifying offer, the Dodgers would receive draft pick compensation if he signs with any other team. At least under the current structuring of the collective bargaining agreement. 

The CBA expires on December 1st.

Teams have until 12PM PT on Sunday to extend qualifying offers to players. Players will have until November 17th to accept reject the offers.

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  1. The MLB website “boldly” predicted today the Seager rumor that he will sign with the Yankees. I really hope this doesn’t happen – we need him at short and to let T Turner continue to develop at Second. Also, as J Turner continues to age, Seager could transition to the everyday Third baseman.The MLB website also says Taylor will be gone which would be a disaster for both the team and me as a fan; I already went into hysterics last year when my two favorite unsung heroes – Joc and Kiki – went elsewhere. That left Taylor S MY No. 1 favorite underappreciated player. If the FO doesn’t resign Taylor and Seager, I may just give up on the team. The FO has already tried too many “experiments” with signings and we don’t need them to foolishly let two proven players go for some “hopefuls.” To add insult to possible injury, MLB suggest Scherzer may sign with your favorite team – the Giants! OMG, what a mistake that would be. We had great chemistry last year – let’s see how far the intact team can go next year sans the injuries!

    1. It’s time to start caring about defense and that means having the best possible options at each position. Turner is a GG caliber SS. Seager is mediocre at best and refuses to move as if he’s some great defender

      1. Respectively, Cato – According to MLB Stats, Seager made 8 errors in 800+ innings at SS this year, a career .236 Postseason average, and batted .306 in 2021, 963 Fielding % at SS.. T Turner made 16 errors in 2021 in 817 innings, 5 of which were at Second base with the Dodgers in 153 innings at a less demanding fielding position, and he’s 969% FP at short – not much difference there. Sure, TT had a better batting average but his Postseason woes are well-documented and he didn’t do anything this year to really dispel that. Don’t wish for something too hard or you might get what you wish for and most fans don’t want. The Yankees have already penciled in Seager as their SS in the future, so not sure why you claim he refuses to move since his contract with the Yanks will eventually require that. No knocks on Trea, but we need both of them as I previously mentioned. Anything else is folly.

    1. why would you think that Paul? Dodgers will reload and be in the postseason for sure, as gnats and pods rebuild. crazy!

      1. Joe, there’s a lot of free agents and they can’t re-sign them all. What I’m saying is that no MLB team can or will reach the post season every single year and I understand that. BTW, there may be a work stoppage at the outset so wss.

        1. Paul, there will be a work stoppage but when it’s over the Dodgers will still have a playoff caliber team even if they don’t sign a single FA.

  2. Free agent contracts are usually death knolls for a players career, and a dead, stinking Albatross for the team that signs them

    Just a little refresher here, for all of us…me included…who desperately hope the Dodgers sign most or all of our free agents. Remember:

    Albert Pujols
    Josh Hamilton
    Vernon Wells
    Barry Zito
    Albert Belle
    Pablo Sandoval
    Andrew Jones
    Jason Schmidt
    Carl Crawford
    Melvin Upton Jr.
    Mike Hampton
    Mo Vaughn
    Chan Ho Park
    Gary Matthews Jr.

    Be careful what we wish for…

  3. I agree, and “a plague on both their houses” if Seager strikes a deal with the devils – Boras and the Yankees.

    1. I think being on a dysfunctional team with fans who will abuse him after each error, sloppy play, or poor postseason at bat is enough.

  4. Eric Davis
    Juan Pierre
    Darryl Strawberry
    Kevin Brown (after 1999)
    Carlos Beltran
    Mo Vaughn
    Juan Gonzales
    Bobby Bonilla

  5. Dodger need all the everyday players who can hit that they can get.

    No one really has the luxury of letting go players who can hit.

    Even more than they need to wastefully spend big on starters.

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