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Dodgers: Latest MLB Power Rankings Show a Sharp Rise from an NL West Rival

The Dodgers are coming off of one of their most disappointing weeks all season, but that hasn’t changed experts’ opinions. ESPN released the latest power rankings for MLB, and Los Angeles is once again right at the top. 

The Dodgers came in at number one, a position that they have not given up since the preseason rankings were released. They’re managing to do this without the production that many expected from three key bats in their lineup as well. More from ESPN analysts on the team: 

They’ve been dominant even though Cody Bellinger, Max Muncy and Joc Pederson have fallen way off from their 2019 numbers. That does suggest a potential issue about facing lefties in the postseason — except Max Fried is really the only good lefty starter in the NL this year aside from Clayton Kershaw, and Fried is injured right now.

The Dodgers really only have to worry about left-handed pitching in the postseason, but there’s also another worry. The Padres started the preseason ranked way down at number nineteen on the list. This week, they’re (rightfully) all the way up to number three on ESPN’s power rankings. 

The Dodgers have thirteen games left in the regular season before heading into the playoffs. Three of those games comes against the Padres this week, and three more come against the Athletics next week. That means six of their remaining games come against legitimate playoff contenders. 

At a time when the Dodgers’ bullpen is faltering, this could end up being a very pivotal week. 

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