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Dodgers: MLB Bans Boozy Celebration in the Postseason and People are Not Happy

Major League Baseball is notorious for sucking the fun out of everything. This year, they’ve sort of been put in a difficult spot, given the pandemic that has forced fans away from games. But the league is now also instituting a new policy that Dodgers players are already unhappy with. 

It was announced Monday afternoon by Joel Sherman that MLB is asking teams and players to keep their celebrations dry come playoff time. That means that the league wants players to still stay distanced, but also keep the beer showers after clinches out of the locker rooms. The Dodgers Alex Wood already voiced his opinion within a matter of hours. 

It isn’t just the players that are upset with the decision though. Fans that are already not allowed to witness these victories in person don’t even get tp celebrate from their couches when teams clinch. I know that when I watch the Dodgers make the World Series, seeing those locker room celebrations is one of the best parts of the entire season.

Regardless, it looks like MLB is going to do whatever it can to limit contact between players and staff. If this is the step required to get the Dodgers their first World Series title in over 30 years, then I guess I’ll have to take it. 

Up Next for the Dodgers

The Dodgers will kick off perhaps their biggest series of the year tonight in San Diego. The Padres are just 2.5 games down and on one heck of a streak, winning 7 in a row. With just 13 games left in the regular season, the race in the National League West looks like it will come down to the wire. 


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  1. What did people expect? they can’t have cases during the playoffs it would cancel the whole thing. Whether or not those positive cases mean anyone is actually sick is a different story but it doesn’t matter unfortunately

  2. I agree, no drunken celebration. It’s enough getting sick with booze let alone get the virus. I hate to see anyone’s favorite player get the virus.

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