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Dodgers Listed As Top Landing Spot In Gerrit Cole Power Rankings at

Obviously, Gerrit Cole to the Dodgers has been the lead storyline heading into the off-season winter months.

However, some reading this article may be interested to learn that at least one writer has the Dodgers as the most likely landing spot for Cole. Indeed, that writer is Will Leitch, and he goes into his reasoning a bit for us which we will examine here.

Here’s what Leitch – a solid baseball guy by all accounts – says about Cole going to the Dodgers. He believes it’s about ‘urgency’.

1. Dodgers

The Dodgers have spent the last few years being smart and prudent and efficient with their spending, bringing in strategically selected free agents, promoting top prospects and re-signing their old players. They haven’t made that massive free-agent splash. But it’s one thing to lose two straight World Series. It’s another thing to fall out in the National League Division Series. Nothing would signal “let’s get this done this time, right now” more than signing Cole, who is, of course, a Southern California native and would be an incredible addition to a staff that already has Walker Buehler and Clayton Kershaw. (And maybe Hyun-Jin Ryu, if they re-sign him.) The Dodgers have the stature, they have the need, and they have the urgency. We probably don’t need to overcomplicate this.

Without a doubt, this is great to see. National writers at are staking their opinion to the Dodgers making a splash this off-season. Remember, Andrew Friedman just said that the Dodgers are trying to acquire the best possible players they can this winter. With ownership not imposing the luxury tax threshold, wouldn’t Cole fit the description as one of the best players?

Make sure you check out the rest of Leitch’s power rankings for Cole, while knowing the Dodgers are in the drivers’ seat at the time being.

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  1. Seriously?
    Clint, It is safe to say that most likely Cole does not want to sign here for reasons that were given before, Roberts being one of them. I honestly doubt about a 99.5 % certainty that he DOES NOT come to the Dodgers.
    Freidman and Co. are just a lot of talk, but no real action. I would like nothing more than to be proven wrong but until then….WSS

  2. Instead of teams over paying FAs because their organization is horrible, Dodgers are going to have to over pay because the players have to be managed by Dave Roberts. More fake news. BFD one writer said he sees Cole signing with the Dodgers.

  3. He will not sign with the Dodgers because he knows Jansen will blow his wins as the closer. Like Jansen did for Buehler several times. Who want’s that and a Manager that clearly can’t make the right decisions when it matters most.

  4. It seems to be the be pretty constant that dodger fans are not happy with in game management of the Dodgers. Will that effect the Dodgers in the FA market? This winter will speak volumes in regards

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