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Dodgers: Los Angeles Lights Up Blue in Honor of Tommy Lasorda

Tommy Lasorda was easily one of the most recognizable figures in Los Angeles sports history. That tends to happen when you’re a staple of the team for over 70 years. If you grew up a Dodgers fan, you probably loved Tommy. If you grew up a Giants fan, you loved to hate Tommy, and he loved to thrive off of that hate. 

Tommy passed away at the age of 93 on Thursday evening, succumbing to a heart attack days after being released from the hospital. There was an outpouring of support and celebration of life from players and coaches who had gotten to know Tommy throughout his career immediately following the news. To celebrate the Dodgers legend, the entire city of Los Angeles lit up in blue in honor of Tommy. 

Staples Center, Banc of California Stadium, and City Hall were just a few places that lit up in the famous blue tone that defines a city. All of that to help celebrate Tommy in a time where we cannot all get together to remember his time with the Dodgers.

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