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Dodgers: Max Muncy Discusses Ending His Spring Training Homerun Drought

The Dodgers are filled with power top to bottom in their new-look lineup. They showed that on Saturday when the cranked three home runs in the first four innings in their first Spring action. Max Muncy was one of the three who went deep, ending a Spring Training drought he’s faced for almost 5 years.

It’s strange to think a guy that has crushed 70 homeruns in two years had some trouble getting the ball out in spring camps. Baseball is sort of weird that way sometimes though, and Muncy was just happy to not have to think about it anymore.

I hadn’t had one in sveral years so not too excited about that…but it felt good. That’s the most important part is feeling good. We put in a lot of work this offseason with some subtle changes to adjust to offspeed this year.

Muncy got three at-bats in his first spring action of the year and reached base all three times. He singled in the first but had to hustle all the way to third when the right-fielder let the ball slip past him. He homered in his second at-bat and drew a walk in his final at-bat of the game.

Aside from his great offensive day, Muncy had himself a day at second base as well. He made two tough plays moving up the middle to his right and gunned down both guys. Max credits the Dodgers for putting in time on his footwork in the offseason.

I worked on footwork a lot more. That’s something I worked on a lot last year was to have quicker feet get in a better position to transfer weight a lot better…I felt being able to stop a lot better (on the plays up the middle).

Muncy finds himself in an interesting position this year in that he could play all over the diamond. The Dodgers will be looking to get Matt Beaty more at-bats, and in doing so Muncy will have to play more second base. He will also have to slide over to third base every once in a while to give Turner some rest at the hit corner.

Wherever he plays, it’s good to see Muncy getting into the swing of things for the Dodgers early in 2020.


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