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Dodgers Might Get Special Clearance for LA County Stay at Home Order

While most fans of Major League Baseball are celebrating the idea that baseball might be back soon, Dodgers fans are left confused. Yes, Rob Manfred has made it clear that’s baseball returning to action is likely, and we have very few reasons to believe it will not happen. 

But Los Angeles County just (sort of) made it clear that stay-at-home orders will remain in effect for quite some time. The LA Times reported that Los Angeles could stay fairly locked down for a few extra weeks depending on how the summer pays out and what those conditions look like. So if that remains true, do the Dodgers even get to play at their home stadium? 

As it turns out, the answer may be yes after all. Governor Gavin Newsom is reportedly considering making at least somewhat of an exception for the Dodgers to return, should that order remain in effect. 

There are still plenty of conversations that will need to be had, and it’s not even a lock that Newsom would allow MLB to have games right away. But there is at least some sign of hope that the Dodgers won’t be forced out of their stadium should the restrictions start to tighten up again.

The latest report is that Major League Baseball is looking to get games going as early as the first week of July. The reported plans include teams playing in their home stadiums, hence the discussion with Governor Newsom. 

The LA Times suggested that Los Angeles could be facing a three-month extension of the stay-at-home orders, but with relaxed restrictions. Los Angeles has already seen it’s beaches open up and more people are already out and about than from what we’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. 

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  1. Burden of proof for adequate safety procedures is on the MLB and the teams. Starting with a 82 page SOP should allow all five California teams to move forward towards playing games with special gubernatorial and local mayoral approvals. Tesla was able to convince Alameda County and the City of Fremont that they can safely reopen their manufacturing plant next week.

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