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Dodgers: MLB Expert Insists Los Angeles is Primed to Land DJ LeMahieu or Trevor Bauer

The Dodgers are always going to be at least mentioned in any major trade or free agent rumor out there. As one of the biggest market teams in baseball, it sort of comes with the territory. Still riding the wave of a World Series win is another reason to think players might want to end up here. 

So when the Dodgers initially came up in the Trevor Bauer rumors, most fans sort of shrugged it off. The same can be said when they once again came up in DJ LeMahieu discussions. But with things changing every minute for Los Angeles’ pending free agents, the rumors start to make a little bit more sense. 

MLB insider Joel Sherman added more fuel to the rumor fire this week when he said that the Dodgers are primed to land at least one of those big names. In speaking with baseball executives, Sherman reported that many felt Los Angeles would end up with one(or maybe two) of them by the time the 2021 season kicks off. 

The big question with Bauer is whether he is looking for a short-term deal. If the Dodgers have the chance to offer him a contract at three years or less, it seems like a real possibility that a deal could get done. If Bauer is looking long-term, then Los Angeles is pretty much out of the conversation. 

Dodgers/LeMahieu Fit?

LeMahieu is a little bit more complicated in terms of what the Dodgers can do. The veteran infielder has reportedly been looking for a deal in the 5-year range and well north of $100 million. Los Angeles has been so good at managing payroll that they are only committed to Mookie Betts beyond 2022, and LeMahieu isn’t exactly a generational talent. On the other hand, losing Justin Turner in free agency could make DJ slightly more appealing. 

My Take

My opinion? I’m not a big fan of spending serious money this offseason. It’s not so much that I don’t like the talent that’s out there, or that I don’t want the Dodgers spending money. But Andrew Friedman waited around for the perfect deal to get Betts to LA long-term, and I don’t think he will need to be as aggressive having alleviated the pressure of a 32-year championship drought. 

I think that even if the Dodgers lose out of Justin Turner that they go in-house to fill the void at third base. I also believe that the pitching depth throughout the organization is enough for them to not want to spend long-term dollars on a free agent. Only time will tell. 

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  1. Wow, finally an article that had some actual depth to it…and I agree…Dodger’s won’t be overspending this year, I mean have they ever?Well, Ok…bad signings sure…Pass on Bauer, he had a great 60 game stretch….finally…Turner offer him a good two year deal with a mutual option for third and have it vest with so many plate appearances….

  2. Really? What’s the in-house solution at 3B? None if they want a RH bat in the middle of the order.

    1. Replacing Turner with a LHB in house option is not the answer, especially with a lineup that’s still lefty heavy and struggles against good LHP. Despite winning WS, look how they were completely dominated by Snell.

      1. Getting dominated by Snell when he’s on isn’t shameful. Betts and JT, who can hit anybody, struggled with him in that game. They also struggled against Bryse Wilson – who is RH – in the NLCS.

  3. This is why back-to-back championships are so difficult. Teams not willing to “go the distance.” Complacency sits in and “the hunter becomes the hunted.” What ever saying interests you.

    1. For one thing it’s NOT up to Boras, it’s up to Seager. Boras can’t dictate what Corey can and cannot do. If Seager wants to remain here. , then a deal should get done And a RHB is needed to help team improve against LHP.

      1. Paul, don’t jump on me. Don’t appreciate your all caps response. If it is up to the player then why do so many players choose Boras as their agent? Because his goal is to squeeze as much as can be had. Learn some manners

        1. No problem, Jim, but the fact is that even though many players chose Boras, who by the way is not that popular with fans, the player has the final say on where he plays . Not only that, but the player has the right to ultimately accept or reject a team’s offer on the table.

    2. Agree. But I would still explore LeMahieu at 2B to get that additional RHB Friedman said he was going after. We have been doing a 2B by committee thing for years now. It’s time to get some real production. Lux has failed up to now, and even if he learns how to hit MLB pitching, he will be just another LHB in an already lefty heavy lineup. 2B is the perfect place to get an RHB in the line up. Taylor is capable. But LeMahieu is better. Both can play multiple positions. I wouldn’t go over 4 years for LeMahieu, and would shoot for a 3 year front loaded contract.

  4. Lost $100 + mil in 2020
    What does the 2021 season look like?
    Full season? A month late start up or later?
    Then the 2022 season. A strike or lockout?
    I think the majority of the owners are looking/planning for that. I just don’t see them throwing big money around.
    Especially the Dodgers, they’ll try to get through this with their home grown talent.

  5. I agree with the above post. Teams that spend a lot of money this offseason are going to get burned.
    If anyone is gonna go this way, my bet is on the Angels. They EXCELL at getting burned on big contracts! LOL

  6. bauer? no need for expensive bloatware. the staff already has 6 starters with no weakness. the big hole in the dodger lineup is 2nd base or at least temporarily until kid lux plays up to potential. lemahieu is worth whatever he is asking and his presence in the lineup makes the dodgers a cinch dynasty.

  7. First, I believe Friedman will work out a deal with Turner that makes sense for the team and for Turner. However, if Turner signs with another team there is no way the Dodgers go with current rostered players to fill the void left in his absence. Whether it is a right hand hitting third baseman, first baseman, or second baseman — that player is not currently on the roster. I don’t believe it will be DJ LeMahieu who wants big $ and 5 years, or Nolan Arenado who is owed $199M over next 6 years. It could be Kris Bryant as a one year rental, or South Korean Kim, or the Reds Suarez, or Yankees Torres — or it could be Todd Frazier to platoon with Edwin Rios. Friedman will find a way.

    1. My money is on Kris Bryant in a trade, which is why they pulled Ruiz from winter league…

  8. Signing Turner is the answer to the puzzle, and I would be surprised if Seager wasn’t sufficiently motivated to sign an extension for several reasons 1. what team is more desirable than the Dodgers 2. lots of premium short stops hitting the market and not a lot of teams with big money to spend 3. any injury that requires surgery will dramatically decrease his value 4. what could be ugly negotiations between players and owners may make it bad time to be a free agent. Boras is tough, but understands all these points.

    1. Spot on! Seager extension makes sense for both parties. Hopefully a deal gets done before the sides exchange arbitration numbers. The only thing that could prevent Seager from signing an extension is a desire to play closer to home in NC.

  9. Absolutely agree with the writer of this and his take. Dodgers do not need another pitcher in the starting rotation and why spend serious money when you already have 6-7 pitchers on the roster with guys like Gray on the Farm?
    Le Maheiu is going to get a big $ contract with 4-5 years as the Yankees need him and the Mets will drive up his price.
    I agree with Steve. The Dodgers lost according to Kasten North of 100 Million last year and none can predict how 2021 shakes out and many think there is a big probability of a strike in 2022. I would offer Tuner a two-year incentive-laden deal but nothing longer.
    One comment here was talking about Snell dominating them. Snell is an elite pitcher when those guys are on NO ONE HITs them!

  10. I believe that both parties realize how devastating a strike in 2022 would affect both the owners and players. There is “bad blood” but it will not come to a strike. On the other hand, greed is a strong force.

  11. Signing Bauer and LeMahieu and Realmuto make sense to counter the moves by the Padres and Braves. San Diego is serious about knocking off Los Angeles.

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