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Dodgers: Moves and Signings and Everything Fans Can Hope For at the Winter Meetings

For the first time since 2019, the Winter Meetings will be held in person. The 2020 Winter Meetings were held virtually for obvious reasons, and the 2021 Winter Meetings were canceled due to the owners’ lockout.

The busiest week of baseball’s offseason will start on Sunday, December 4, through Wednesday, December 7, in San Diego, California. There will be a lot to look forward to throughout the entire league, especially on the Dodger side of things.

Let’s look at what fans can look forward to this upcoming week for L.A.

A trade or a big free agent signing will surely be on the horizon for the Boys in Blue. One of the signings that could likely happen is Justin Verlander’s signing. The Dodgers need another solidified starter in their rotation, and Verlander could be the one to fill in the role. L.A. and Verlander have met, and if the two could work things out, J.V. would have the highest AAV in MLB history.

Andrew Friedman and co. have shown to be aggressive and grab ready-level talent to help contribute to the Dodgers. They aren’t shy to make turnover; we saw that a couple of weeks ago with Cody Bellinger, and we saw it in the 2014 Winter Meetings. Friedman traded away fan favorite Matt Kemp for Yasmani Grandal, and in a separate trade, he gave away Dee Gordon for Kike Hernandez and Austin Barnes from the Miami Marlins.

A lot of groundwork can be laid at the Winter Meetings between the 32 teams. The groundwork was laid in 2019 for the Mookie Betts trade, even though the trade didn’t happen till February 2020.

A trade or signing may not happen during the meetings; however, expect the Dodgers front office to cook something up for the months to come before the 2023 regular season is underway.

L.A. loves to make big splashes, so don’t keep your eye off them, as we will have all the latest for whatever’s to come for your Boys in Blue.

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Ricardo Sandoval

Born and Raised in the East side of Los Angeles. Ricardo is a staff writer at Dodgers Nation and on the LA Sports Report network of sites. He's also a lifelong Dodgers and Lakers fan. Ricardo is an alumnus of CSUN (Go Matadors).


  1. So it’s very possible that by the end of Wednesday the Dodgers leave these meetings empty handed. Any moves then may happen after the 1st of the year sometime

    1. Kasten has said they are using the Farm guys. I see Vargas and Outman in the line up next year. If they can trade for Reynolds with some of their blocked guys that would be great. I do not think they sign a big name SS to a long contract. I think they find a rotation guy like Anderson for 23. No long term deals as Buehler is reportedly progressing quickly and Miller is at AAA along with Stone and others. Do they trade Busch?

  2. It’s reasonable to project J.V. over the next couple of weeks if he will accept a two year deal.

  3. There is time, but it’s going to take quite a chunk of cash to get this team close to last year’s team.

  4. It doesn’t look too promising reading the comments of the FO of staying under the CBT threshold and giving spots to some unproven minor league players at critical positions. Also not optimistic about offering only short term contracts for prime time players….. and hearing about these guys walking away not excited. Not to mention these same guys are pursued by many teams offering lucrative deals. The only players available for a 1-year contract are Belli and JT…..back to same old – same old. I hope the braintrusts are figuring out the strategy to find the right players to win in the postseason not only bludgeoning opponents in the regular season. I hope I will be surprised after this winter meetings.

  5. I think Verlander would probably be a good move. As indicated by someone above not for more than two years though. I hope they don’t go after Judge. I really doubt he will ever match the season he just had again. Yeah I’m sure he’ll still be a good player but I think signing him to a long term contract would be a costly mistake. While I would really love to see Trea Turner back but It’s not looking good for that. It’s unfortunate because there was kind of a chemistry there with him, Mookie, and Freddie. Lux at short might be worth trying. I think it makes sense to use the players coming up out of the farm system and not just groom them for other teams to use.
    These articles like this are actually frustrating and a bit annoying. Nothing will happen until it happens. Nothing but speculation at this time and reading things into what the management is saying. Oh well, it happens every year. Since I’ve been a Dodger fan since about 1955 you’d think I’d be used to it by now!

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