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Dodgers Nation Social Media Poll: Rockies or Diamondbacks?

We had been seeing many opposing views in our comments and mentions recently about who the Dodgers should face in the NLDS. In order to really get a better feel for who the fans would prefer, we took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and asked the same question: Rockies or Diamondbacks?

First up is Twitter, and the winner is clearly the Rockies with 68% of the vote. I wouldn’t call this a complete blowout because the Diamondbacks still got a lot of votes, with 32%. Many Rockies voters cited Colorado’s average pitching and how that would be beneficial to the Dodgers. People who voted for the Diamondbacks seemed to care about either playing the better team, not playing in Coors, or getting to jump in Arizona’s pool one more time. There were also many comments saying that it didn’t matter who the Dodgers face because Los Angeles will win regardless.

Twitter Responses:

I think both teams could be tough, but I don’t want our boys to have to pitch at Coors Field! #LetsGoDodgers – Michelle Flomenhoft

Rockies, their starting pitching is average at best – Nick Dougan

Don’t matter, Dodgers in 3 – Joseph

Instagram had a similar story, with the poll resulting in 65%/35% split in favor of the Rockies. Facebook, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care for the idea of playing Arizona at all. We asked followers to like the post for the Rockies or share the post for the Diamondbacks. As of now, the post has 1,600 likes and just 88 shares. The comments were also identical to what was on Twitter.

Facebook Responses:

Dbacks , so we can celebrate in that pool one more time before it gets cold. – Errny Cortez

Rooting for a Rockies win, as the Dbacks really had the Dodgers number this year. I certainly don’t want to face them!!! – Zac Abrams

Doesn’t matter who we play. If our boys go out there and play the Dodger Baseball that we grew accustomed to this season, ain’t nobody beating us. – Michael Pacheco

Did you happen to catch the AL Wild Card game on Tuesday night? What an exciting game that was, with both the Twins and the Yankees putting up three runs in the first inning! The hype died down just a bit towards the end of the game, but baseball fans are in for a treat if the Colorado and Arizona game comes close to that.

All in all it looks like the consensus amongst Dodger fans is that they’d rather face the Rockies, so go Colorado? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Alex Perez

Whittier College Alumnus. Editor In Chief of Dodgers Nation. Lifelong Dodgers fan.


  1. Some reason I voted Rockies in this poll more or less because of the edge over pitching and the ability of the DBacks hitters to go on runs. Thinking it over it would be sweet to soundly beat the DBacks in the Divisional series to get them out of the Dodgers heads. Oh and because my son is a DBacks fan and that would also be a good one.

    I must agree with the one who posted, “Doesnt matter because if the Dodgers play the ball they played earlier on nobody can beat them.” All I say is #HuntforBlueOctober

  2. Many people are right when they say it shoulsn’t matter. Going to have to beat the best to win it all anyways. Got to be careful when hoping for specific team. Each year I get anxiety around this time becase it’s been quite a few NLCS appearances and no word series. Diamondbacks, Nationals, Cubs all look very tough and Rockies are good too. In baseball it all depends on who gets hot. Diamondbacks and Cubs hve been hottest.

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