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Dodgers Nation Wishes Ned Colletti A Happy 60th Birthday

[new_royalslider id=”97″] Ned Colletti became general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers in November of 2005, one season after Frank McCourt purchased the team. The Dodgers reached the playoffs in three of Colletti’s first four seasons, which was a first for any Dodgers general manager. During his tenure, Colletti has naturally drawn the ire of fans for signing or trading for players who didn’t pan out with the Dodgers. Some of those situations can be attributed to a bit of bad luck, such was the case with Jason Schmidt. While others were simply questionable decisions, a la Juan Pierre’s five-year contract.

Recently, Colletti has struck gold with the signings of Yasiel Puig and Brian Wilson, for different reasons, and appears to have another talented Cuban, Alex Guerrero, waiting in the wings; Colletti also managed to lock up front end starters Zack Greinke and Clayton Kershaw.

Generally speaking, Collettit has done an admirable job in his role as GM and helped keep the ship afloat during the final year(s) under McCourt. With new ownership and more resources available, Colletti’s ability to be proactive in completing and participating in transactions has increased and so too has the amount of success on the field.

Dodgers Nation wishes Colletti a happy 60th birthday!

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