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Dodgers News: Adrian Gonzalez Compares Season To Time In Boston

Arguably the Dodgers most consistent hitter this season, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez cautioned Friday that this season is nothing like last season in Boston.

Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett as you know were traded as apart of the Red Sox efforts to rebuild and have made a seamless transition LA, well except for Beckett.

Regardless, Gonzalez was asked to compare Dodgers manager Don Mattingly to former Red Sox manager Bobby Valetine by Lyle Spencer of

“They’re complete opposites,” the first baseman said, asked about Mattingly and Valentine. “I think we all know what our roles are. We all get along. All we’ve got to do is play, win games. If we do that, everything will take care of itself.”

Valentine was criticized much like Mattingly is this season for his failure to get the most out of a “super team” in Boston. Much like the Red Sox from last season, the Dodgers are off to a rocky start with many calling for Mattingly to go.

Gonzalez was acquired by the Red Sox from the San Diego Padres and immediately signed a seven-year $154 million contract before battling shoulder injuries. However, so far this season, Gonzalez is hitting .303 with four home runs and 30 RBI’s, but the Dodgers offense hasn’t been able to click.

After being asked about Mattingly’s comment, Gonzalez put them in perspective:

“It was frustration on his part — understandably so,” Gonzalez said. “We’d gone through a good stretch [taking four of five at home], and losing those three in Atlanta kind of put us back where we were. That’s where the frustration came from — for all of us.”

Last night’s 7-0 loss won’t help anybody as the Dodgers were only able to muster three hits off starter Lance Lynn and the Cardinals bullpen. While the season hasn’t gone according to plan so far, watching Gonzalez regain his great form has been a pleasure to see.



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