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Dodgers News: Ned Colletti Puts Difficult Season In Perspective

On AM 570 Radio this afternoon, Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti put the season of turmoil into perspective. With increased expectations came lofty goals and with an abundant amount of injuries, the Dodgers find themselves at 19-26 and searching for answers.

Manager Don Mattingly was and still might be on the chopping block while management has insisted that his job is not on the line. However, on the Petros and Money show this afternoon, Colletti talked about the team’s biggest area of concern:

“The pitchers need a margin of error from time to time. Our ability to hit with RISP and in clutch spots has brought us to the record we have. We can’t continually put it on the pitchers. We need a collective effort and generate offense while adding runs as the game goes on”.

Colletti is preaching to the choir as the Dodgers inability to hit with RISP has been the most frustrating part of the season besides watching Brandon League give up multiple run innings.

The Dodgers still rank second to last in runs scored, but sport a .328 OBP which ranks 10th in all of baseball. Colletti is visiting the club’s Double-A affiliate where outfielder Joc Pederson and Yaisel Puig play on a daily basis.

With the benching of Andre Ethier for Wednesday’s game, there was speculation that the Dodgers could call-up one of the outfielders, but it doesn’t sound likely at this juncture.

Of course, Colletti was asked about Mattingly’s status as manager and it sounds like nothing’s changed in the past few days:

“Don has done fine and the media reports don’t understand what we know. That’s how they make their living and that’s good for them. Stan and I talk all the time and the three of us know we have to play better.”

It’s been reported all week that Mattingly’s job was in jeopardy prior to the series in Milwaukee, but in the past few days Dodgers management has reiterated he’s safe.

The team starts a three-game series against the Cardinals tonight before a four-game split series against the Angels as the schedule gets tougher for the Dodgers.




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