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Dodgers News: Andre Ethier Discusses Historic Run And Outfield Dilemma

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Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Andre Ethier was recently on Jim Rome’s Podcast where he was asked for his thoughts on the outfield dilemma and last year’s historic run. Up to this point in this season, the Dodgers have been slumping, which has been both a surprise and disappointment.

When Rome posed the topic of the Dodgers putting together another remarkable run, Ethier quickly dismissed the likelihood the success could be duplicated this season:

I don’t think we can really rely on a run like that again. Like you said, that’s once in a hundred year type run that a team went on.”

Ethier went on to say the Dodgers’ focus should be on making up chunks of games and not necessarily gaining ground all at once. Ethier shared his belief that the Dodgers should look at it as a seven-week plan where as long as they can make up a game in the loss column each week, they won’t need to ask questions come season’s end about the gap between them and the San Francisco Giants, should the standings remain the same.

Rome then brought up the surplus of outfielders, which resulted in Ethier recently starting only two games over a 10-day span. Though the situation may have been less than ideal for Ethier, who now appears set in center field, the outfielder was sure to place an emphasis on the team aspect:

It’s been to a point where you have been in the game long enough and you know that there are other goals besides just playing every day and one is being part of a team that has a chance to win and can win. That is what is most important.”

Currently 8.5 games back of the Giants in the NL West standings, the Dodgers need to make significant improvements in order to find the consistency they had when they made their playoff run last season.
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