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Dodgers News: Andrew Friedman Open to Dave Roberts’ Critical Comments

It was a very weird weekend for the Dodgers. Not only did they get swept, but they fell short of the things they’ve generally been good at all season. Driving in runners that were in scoring position was like pulling teeth against the Giants, and scoring runs just seemed impossible.

Add in the Walker Buehler injury, and of course, there are going to be some frustrations. Dave Roberts voiced some of those on Sunday when he started talking about individual approaches. Doc seemed to imply that guys were too focused on themselves rather than the team winning.

And Andrew Friedman doesn’t seem to have a problem with those criticisms. He spoke with The OC Register’s Bill Plunkett about it on Monday, and he seemed very open to the fact that Dave had things to say.

“I like what he said in that he rarely is critical. So I think when he is, it carries more weight.”

Doc is very rarely openly critical of his team and his players. So his comments from Sunday were a little bit of a surprise to Dodgers fans. But as we all know, this team isn’t nearly playing to their potential right now.

“Obviously we appreciate that there are ebbs and flows. We felt we had the lineup depth that could withstand a couple guys going through those ebbs and still be pretty consistent. Obviously in totality it’s pretty good. But trying to figure out how to smooth that out to be more consistent I think is what everyone is focused on.

We all know that the Dodgers are more than capable of scoring a lot of runs. But right now, it seems like they’re almost impossible to come by. They barely scraped together 2 runs on Tuesday night against the Angels and only won thanks to an outstanding effort from Tony Gonsolin.

Things have to change, and soon.

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