Dodgers News: Austin Barnes, Enrique Hernandez Impressing Scouts

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One day after Los Angeles Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi declared the team was not shopping All-Star second baseman Dee Gordon amid rumors he was on the block, Gordon was part of a package sent to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Austin Barnes, Chris Hatcher, Andrew Heaney and Enrique “Kiké” Hernandez.

At the time of the trade with the Marlins, Heaney, the No. 9 overall pick in the 2012 draft, was viewed as the headliner in the Dodgers’ return. However, he was then traded to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for Howie Kendrick; while Barnes, Hatcher and Hernandez remain on the Dodgers’ 40-man roster.

With the start of Spring Training for position players just over three weeks away, Hernandez is currently playing for Puerto Rico in the Caribbean Series. Through three games, he’s batting .273/.385/.545 with two RBIs and has impressed one scout, according to Peter Gammons:

Gammons also added Barnes is another player who many are high on:

With Puerto Rico having been eliminated, Hernandez will have time for some rest before beginning Spring Training with his new team. In 42 games split between the Houston Astros and Marlins in 2014, Hernandez hit .248/.321/.421 with three home runs, 14 RBIs while playing all three outfield positions, as well as shortstop, second and third base.

Whether Hernandez will make the Dodgers’ 25-man roster by Opening Day is somewhat of unknown, though his versatility seemingly tips the scale in his favor. As such, Hernandez
told Cary Osborne of Dodger Insider he’s hoping to be a super-utility player for the Dodgers.

Whereas Hernandez will likely see time with the Dodgers in 2014, Barnes appears to be on track for another year in the Minors. Barnes is a similar mold to Hernandez in the sense that he’s capable of playing multiple positions, said at the Dodgers Fan Fest he’s open to playing catcher or the infield but will report to Spring Training with pitchers and catchers.


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  1. its a little hard for him to see time with the Dodgers in 2014 since that was last season…If he cracks the 25 man roster it means Barney and Guererro won’t. Right now my guess is 6 infielders, 5 Of 2 C and 12 pitchers. You know the 4 starters will make it….that leaves 2 reserve inf and one needs to be able to play SS and 2nd or 3rd. Turner fits that bill…..That leaves 1 spot for someone in the mix, Barney Guererro, or this Hernandez kid…..5 OF’s will Be Puig, Pederson(providing he has a good spring) Crawford, SVS and Ethier…..unless he is traded then it would be Heisey…….none of the non roster position players have a snowballs chance in hell of making this roster..

    1. Guerrero has to stay in the Majors or be released, correct? Does he get the remainder of his contract? Barney and Hernandez look about the same but Barney has more experience and a proven glove. You would think they are waiting for a market for Ethier and maybe someone that needs a bat in Guerrero? It is really handy in the American League to be able to use the designated hitter to stash a guy. I always wonder as the price for Pitchers continues to escalate if the National League will go with the DH to protect their investment in their pitchers.

      1. He has an out clause in his contract. Not sure of the language, t if he is not on the 25 man, he can get his release…..they still pay him some money I think. Barney has MLB experience at 2nd and a little at SS. He also is not that bad a hitter. Could probably play 3rd in a pinch. Ethier is very hard to trade…he has 3 years left on that horrendous contract at about 50 mil…so if they were to move him, I would think they need to eat about 35 mil of that contract….when they were in talks with Az, that was about what it would have taken….Balt still has some interest….but again, how much do they eat……same thing with Guererro…they can release or trade him and eat some money..He might have more value to an AL club because of his bat. I think Hernandez is more like insurance for next year if Kendrick walks…..Dh is becoming a possibility because P get hurt on the basepaths too…

        1. Yes that is what I have read. I have SIrius Radio in my car as I drive to many of my accounts. You know all about those LONG drives. Satellite Radio is a God Send when you are driving from LA to NV and have 5 hours of dead air, nothing but Preachers or Political Hacks on the Air. So I listen to MLB Radio. They have a severe West Coast Bias and mostly talk East Coast Baseball but still it is something. If I were a club in the National League i would push for the DH. With investments of 200M on pitchers you do not want them breaking an ankle sliding into second or like our new pitcher Anderson breaking a finger while batting last year. Plus you get more offense as you can keep guys like Hanley R or Big Papi to provide a flat out gifted hitter. I think as the numbers are dropping for baseball with the younger gen they need to get more offense and find some way to speed up the game a bit. Keep the batter in the box and have the pitcher throw the ball have the pitcher throw the ball instead of walking around the mound scratching his crotch.

          1. Never been a huge fan of the DH, but now it seems that it would be the prudent move. They are trying time clocks in the minors this year for the pitchers. Not sure how that will work. I think it is a 20 second timer from when they get the ball back. I had SirriusXM in my big rig. Had the sports package too. The MLB guys were pretty east coast, but there were a couple of shows on that featured guys who knew west coast baseball. Kevin Kennedy was on one with Rob Dibble.

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