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Dodgers News: Bellinger and Ryu Lose Awards, Reliving 2017 Heartbreak, Possibly Losing Coaches, and More!

Cody Bellinger lost to Nationals’ third baseman Anthony Rendon for the MLBPA’s Players’ Choice Award for NL Outstanding Player.

Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Misses Out on Another Player’s Choice Award

Hyun-Jin Ryu also lost to the Mets’ Jacob deGrom for NL Outstanding Pitcher.

Dodgers: Hyun-Jin Ryu Loses Players’ Choice Award to Mets’ Jacob deGrom

Reliving 2017 Pain

Dodgers Nation’s Clint Evans wrote a fantastic piece and hit the nail on the head regarding the 2017 World Series heartbreak.

Dodgers’ 2017 Team Was Best Ever To Not Win World Series Says

Possibly Losing Coaches

Bob Geren has been under consideration for the Giants’ managerial vacancy, Rick Honeycutt has moved on to greener pastures, and now George Lombard could be leaving the Dodgers for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Dodgers’ First Base Coach George Lombard Interviewed for Pirates Managerial Opening

Prospects Killing It

Gerardo Carrillo is hitting triple digits in the Arizona Fall League:

Dodgers: Gerardo Carrillo Flashing Triple-Digits at Arizona Fall League

Best of the Rest

Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Up For Minor League Award

Dodgers: Ross Stripling Discusses NLDS Loss and More

Dodgers Facing Multiple Fan Lawsuits Over Injuries Sustained by Stadium Security

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  1. Looks like most sports teams are looking toward the mean stream. Like the Oakland Raiders were and are still trying to be. Teams try to look meaner, tougher than the others so the fans follow. Years ago the Raiders were just about the meanest team in football. they won games but also got the most penalties. Around the time the Raiders moved to LA the first time I went to a baseball game at candles stick park. I had never seen baseball fans so mean, it reminded me of the Raider fans. Of course, we were for the other team but still, it’s a baseball game geeze! A few years later I went to a dodger/Angel game in Anaheim, same dang thing. What has gone wrong with sports nowadays? It doesn’t matter who looks the meanest or the badest one is going to win and the other loses. No one player is ever humble anymore. Go out there play the game hope to do good and be proud not brag. We don’t need all these gestures and hoopla about hitting a homer or scoring a touchdown, dancing like an idiot and doing obscene things. This is not teaching our young chilren good behavior.

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