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Dodgers Facing Multiple Fan Lawsuits Over Injuries Sustained by Stadium Security

Reports are surfacing that the Los Angeles Dodgers are facing multiple lawsuits over allegations including “negligence, premises liability, assault, battery and false imprisonment.”

First, ABC 7 reported that brothers Jose and Jesus Jimenez are suing over injuries sustained in rough handing by security at Dodger Stadium on April 3. Attorney Peter diDonato stated that “Jose was handcuffed and dragged and suffered some physical injuries as a result of that.”

Jesus Jimenez spoke with ABC 7 on the matter.

LAPD came and handcuffed me and I was sent to jail without knowing what the whole situation was.

His attorney expanded.

If there’s a contention that the younger brother, Jose, may have said something ‘off-color’ — possibly in Spanish — they don’t recall that having happened. Again, they were with their family members.

ABC reporter Anabel Munoz reached out to the City Attorney’s office and a spokesperson stated that “Jesus Jimenez was arrested for battery of a police office but was not charged.”

Video from ABC 7

Moreover, this comes with another report involving brothers Steven Douglas Green and Nicholas Ray Green who are suing over mistreatment and injuries sustained at a April 28 game. The Green brothers suffered “disabling pain” after two security personnel allegedly struck them while they were handcuffed and being ejected from the game.

From KNX1070 News Radio.

Although both brothers had tickets to the game, security staff members told them they were trespassing, the suit states.

The Green brothers maintain that they had tickets and were lawfully attending the game. In a prepared statement, diDonato — who is representing both cases — had this to say.

The heavy-handed and improper security policies at Dodger Stadium mandate change from ownership. We invite Dodger owners, including Magic Johnson, to meet and resolve problems for a safe experience at Dodger Stadium for all fans.

A Dodgers representative responded to the lawsuit by stating that the team does not comment on “pending legal matters.”

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  1. A blood alcohol level reading in court should squash the lawsuits in their tracks. I’ve been to hundreds of games at Dodger Stadium and the probability of all of those that security asks to leave, or at least go for an interview, have been drinking and have let the alcohol make bad decisions for them. They never show the period before security gets there. Of course not. Luckily, stadium security footage is always on. Filing a lawsuit and winning a lawsuit, is like the Dodgers planning on going to the World Series and actually winning a World Series.

  2. I have always felt safe at the Dodger Stadium, maybe it’s because I go there with my family to enjoy the game, not get drunk and become belligerent. I hope you fight these scam claims, if you enforce security they complain if they get hurt they say no security, they never say it’s my fault for getting drunk and out of hand. I love the Dodgers and the Stadium is beautiful and clean.

  3. A fake event encouraged by the typical money grubbing lawyer.
    It’s certainly not in stadium interests to be roughing up guys for nothing.

  4. I hope the Dodgers lose I want them to burn to the ground and also their big renovation year to flop.

    1. The Security at Dodgers Stadium can be ridiculous. We didn’t get physically handled but we had a negative experience at Dodgers stadium with security ourselves.

      We had been going to Dodgers stadium for about 20+ years now, and always left feeling grest until one altercation with security chaged all that.

      About 8 of attended a Dodgers game one night and everything was going good until the 4th inning when security came down to our field level seats and were talking to my brother.
      They said that somebody had an issue with his shirt, “The same shirt he had when we went through the entrance gate, the same shirt he bypassed security in, the same shirt he walked around the stadium for half an hour before game time and sat through 3 innings of baseball”.
      The shirt was and “F” Cancer shirt with a Raiders sign replacing the “U” sign after “F”.
      First of all my brother had been sitting for 3 innings, meaning his back is to the people behind him, and the people in front of him have thier backs towards him , he was also sitting in the middle so the chances of someone being “offended” of a way to say screw cancer sounded sketchy to us.
      The security gaurd that approached my brother was a young girl with a bright green shirt on, she was posted up in the front of the seating at the bottom of the stairs she walked up 8 rows and she is the one that made the “claim” of a “offensive complaint”.
      My brother was cool about the situation, (I myself was wondering why someome would complain on someone standing up against cancer) she asked him if he could cover it up, he had no jacket or sweater though, so he suggested if he can turn it inside out. She agreed, and escorted him to the restroom.
      He did not return for a while so one of my girl cousins suggested I see what’s taking him so long.
      I got up and soon as I got to top of the stairs at the field level section, I seen a group of security around my brother, his shirt was now inside out and they were on thier radio calling more security. As I approached another young girl in a bright security shirt yelled at me “get back sir”. I asked what was going on? She replied “this is a security matter”, I told her “that was my brother, what happened”. She just get telling me to step away. I started recording the situation and managed to go around and ask my brother what was going on, and that same security girl that escorted my brother because of the “complaint” said “he doesn’t have his ticket on him sir”, and I was stocked, she was the same gaurd that saw all of us sitting in the same section for 3 innings, she talked to him about his shirt, he respectfully agreed to turn it inside out and you even escort him and now this!…
      I explained he dosen’t have it because I hold on to all the tickets on promo nights “everytime” and we’ve never had an issue like this before.
      So she demanded to see the tickets “becuase people sneak in the stadium and steal seats”, my reply “how can a group of 8 people sneak into Dodgers stadium and steal seats? She just wanted to see the tickets and we can go back to our seats.

      I go back to the seats and grabbed the bag that had our tickets and programs in. My cousinns boyfriend asked what’s going on, I told them and they got pisses off at the situation.
      We all went back up and now more security is thier “the back up they called” including a guy in a suit, who said he is the supervisor, which I than explained to him the situation and he treated me very rudely.
      The girls behind him were giving smug smerks , I told him we have never been treated like this at dodgers stadium before and seemed to care less, he demanded the ticket so I opened the bag and gave him the tickets, he began to analyze the tickets as if they were fake, one of my cousin’s boyfriends says “this is bullshit”!… The security “supervisor” than says “I apologize to you guys , its loud right here can we step to the side over here so can resolve this”?.
      The 3 of us (my brother, my cousins boyfriend, and myself) walk him him by a side gate. Soon as we get to that gate he than says “okay now you can’t get back in” he said he doesn’t tloerate foul language, that Dodgers stadium does not tolerate foul language.
      I could not beleive what was going on, we had been cool the whole time, no liquor involved, not hostility, we complied with sketchy requests. I even said well you better throw out have that stadium becuase all I hear is cussing sometimes, he replied ” I am not concerned about them” . I was pissed but tried to keep my cool, I video taped this situation and he said for me to turn my camera off, I denied and kept recording, LAPD than showed up to escort us off the property, I explained to them what happened, the “security supervisor ” couldnt deny what I was saying and even the LAPD Officers were wondering why all this drama? And if we could get our seats back and that arrogant “security supervisor ” said No they are done here.
      I explained to the LAPD officers that we still have family inside and we can’t just keave them, the “security supervisor” refused to get them and an LAPD officer said she would escort me to get them , the “security supervisor” reluctantly agreed.
      So we went in , got my family and got out.
      The LAPD officers even said you guys seem cool to us, your not drinking and you dont seem hostile, what caused this.
      I explained the shirt situation, they asked to sew it, they looked at each other and shook thier heads “thats it”? That’s what started this?
      They said if it was up to them they would let us back in. I got all that on video too, and they had no problem with me video recording it.
      We paid really good money for those seats and only got 3 innings worth, we definitely felt cheated.
      Dodgers really need to consider changing thier security or start watching their security more, they act more like cops than the cops do.
      I have it all on video again with the “Snobby Security Supervisors” name.

      1. That’s disgusting and so bizarre. You should send that in to ownership just to see if they do anything but they likely don’t care as they bathe in their billions

      2. Looks like you gave them multiple reasons to kick you out. Here are the ones that seem to apply to your situation.

        Profanity, abusive language, inappropriate dress or conduct deemed disorderly by Dodger Stadium management is grounds for ejection.

        Fan Code of Conduct

        Welcome to Dodger Stadium! Please read the following Fan Code of Conduct. Violation of this code may be grounds for denial of entry into the Stadium or ejection from the Stadium, revocation of tickets (including season tickets) without refund and/or arrest and prosecution.

        Sit in your ticketed seat only. Tickets must be shown to Dodger personnel upon request.
        Obscene or indecent clothing is prohibited.

        Sounds like maybe when your brother was alone with security he did something to escalate the situation. Otherwise why would they call for additional security and the LAPD? This doesn’t seem like the whole story is being told.

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