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Dodgers News: Cody Bellinger Is On Fire In Oklahoma City

The Los Angeles Dodgers’ top prospect has started his 2017 season just as everyone had hoped.

According to MLB Pipeline, Cody Bellinger is the Dodgers number one prospect, the top first base prospect in baseball and the number 11 overall prospect.

He is currently thriving against Triple-A pitching for the Oklahoma City Dodgers.

Five games, or 21 at-bats into the 2017 season, he is hitting .476 with three doubles and a home run.

Monday was just another fantastic game for Bellinger as he added three more hits, a run and an RBI to his fantastic start to the brand new 2017 season.

Bellinger also added a stolen base to pad his statistics for the day, reaching second without a throw.

Jacob Unruh of The Oklahoman provided a video of Bellinger knocking one of his three hits on the day into center field.

If Cody Bellinger continues to mash at the Triple-A level, the Dodgers could see him in Los Angeles earlier than expected. He was most likely due for a September call-up when the rosters expand due to the fact that there is not really an obvious spot on the 25-man roster for him. His ability to play all three outfield spots as well as first base could help him get up before September if there is an injury.

Even if there are no injuries, a man hitting the ball the way he has been hitting it should not be sitting around in Triple-A. Bellinger will be causing some tough decisions come the next few months.


  1. So great to know he’ll be playing ball in LA soon. He has the talent and will fill in nicely when the proper time comes.

    1. Sucks watching the Dodgers for last 6 years in which they should have won at least 3 World Series with a proven good manager and not rookie managers like Roberts and mattingly .Giants won 3 with lest talent but a good manager. How can you have the most expensive team led by inexperienced Managers.

    2. Unfortunately it may be sooner rather than later. A-Gon is starting to look his age and then some.

  2. Give him Puigs spot. Puig can’t even catch a routine fly ball in Chicago. Should have been the third out, instead he costs Wood 22 additional pitches. Putz should be in double A ball.

  3. They should have kept Coleti he wasn’t the problem this Friedman spent 96 million on hill and mcarthy 2 average pitchers that are not the answer also spent on Kashmir for what

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