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Dodgers News: Congrats Are In Order for Kenley Jansen

Kenley Jansen is adding another member to the bullpen that is his closest kin. Jansen announced via social media on Wednesday afternoon that his wife Gianni is pregnant for the second time. No matter how you feel about Jansen’s 2018 season, it’s hard not to smile for the Dodgers closer when you see this.

In a season that has had it’s up and down beginning for Kenley Jansen, it’s nice to enjoy some positive news for him. You might recall that the last time Kenley became a father – it came with a milestone. Just hours before Kenley’s son Kaden was born in 2015, Jansen moved into second place on the Dodgers all-time saves list.

This isn’t something that should be underestimated in regards to performance. For all the talk of Jansen’s cutter velocity being down, or his hamstring being tight; there’s a human element in baseball that exists. Perhaps the happiness of this news brings about a more relaxed closer for the Dodgers.

It’s possible that there’s no correlation. One must remember something as we watch these players every night. It’s not easy to be a baseball player and manage a family within the season. With this news delivered, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a more relaxed, peaceful version of Kenley.


Okay, so I’m not going to do too much real analysis. Our guy – one of the greatest Dodgers of our era – is having a baby! This post was to celebrate the moment for him and show him support. Jansen’s overall numbers of a 4.30 ERA in 14 appearances with three homers allowed are not parallel to his career norms. But if you have been paying attention, he hasn’t been scored upon in six of his last seven relief outings. I would expect things to continue to trend in the right direction.

There’s nothing like becoming a father. Even for the second time, there’s a maturation process that takes place. And a lot of diaper changing. My advice to Kenley would be to do all the diapers you can the first six months so that you can slack after that. If you’re a father reading this, you’ll understand. Congratulations, Kenley!

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