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Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Talks Offensive Woes

The Los Angeles Dodgers are scuffling on offense right now. They’ve only scored five runs over the last three games, and that includes last night’s contest where they got shutout 2-0 by the Miami Marlins. Teams go through these stretches all the time. After all, it is baseball. This happens. However, it is a tad frustrating to watch unfold.

Over the last three games, the Dodgers are hitting a woeful .160 as a team, and two of the five runs they’ve scored came as a result of the opposition screwing up. All you have to do to know how poorly the offense is playing is just listen to the interview given by Dodgers manager Dave Roberts after last night’s loss, the team’s third straight defeat.

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From Doug Padilla, staff writer for ESPN dot com:

“You could see guys pressing a little bit,” manager Dave Roberts said. “You could see some hard contact out there, but when (hits) aren’t falling, you start looking at your last three, four games. Some guys are looking at their average and not getting hits. When I feel like you need to get a hit, it gets tougher. I think guys are coming out of the strike zone a little bit more than they used to.”

Look at the list of players who are struggling: Howie Kendrick is 0-for-9, Yasmani Grandal is 1-for-8, Adrian Gonzalez is 0-for-7, and Yasiel Puig is 1-for-12. The good news is that Justin Turner is 3-for-11 with a walk, so at least one player is performing at a solid enough rate right now, but not enough of the others are and it’s hurt the team.

The offense will turn it around. After all, no team this good overall is this poor on offense over the duration of the entire season. It’s just a bad stretch by players trying to do too much right now. It’ll sort itself out. Heck, it might even sort itself out as early as tonight against Jose Fernandez. You never know. That’s baseball for you.

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  1. What offense? They could not hit a nobody yesterday so how you think they will fare against Fernandez??????

  2. What do you think needs fixed first Dave? Could it be our pitiful offense could it be our average at best defense what could it be the lack of pitching and our sucky bullpen along with the starting pitchers like wood who absolutely sucks a pretty pitiful place that they put us in. Why is Hatcher still on the team and even work on the mound. How many games does this guy have to lose for us before we’re able to see that is worthless and a loser God knows he’s lost enough games for us. But no we can’t see that up front office because we sign pitiful Personnel then we gotta live with the bastards

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