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Dodgers News: David Ortiz Talking About the Padres Daddy After Game 1 is Brutal

Big Papi out here wildin’! Media types have been quick to take one look at this Dodgers vs Padres NLDS matchup and point to the little brother complex down in San Diego. It’s well-documented how the Friars view the boys in blue.

They want to beat them down and humiliate them.

Try as they may, more often than not, the Dodgers have prevailed over the Padres. Handily, might I add. LA beat San Diego 14 times in 19 regular season matchups in 2022, but some of those games were closer than national media will give the Padres credit for.

For the Dodgers, players have said ad nauseam that they really don’t care about the teams they’re facing or who they may play tomorrow or next Tuesday. They care about winning that day’s ballgame. The business-like approach guided them to an MLB-best 111 wins this season, a number most of the players don’t even care about anymore.

But the narrative is that Dodgers beat down on the Padres and the Padres are the little brother trying to challenge big brother to assert dominance. And one FOX analyst took a step further while keeping it in the family, as it were.

In short, San Diego needs to try something different against the powerhouse Los Angeles ballclub. However, verbatim, David Ortiz was a bit more colorful with the language.

“The reality is that when you’re playing against your daddy you need to try to do something different. You can’t just keep having the same approach — your dad knows what you’re going to do. You need to try something different.”

Laughs aside, it’s easy to agree with Big Papi. To San Diego’s credit, the club has tried to do something different since being swept by the Dodgers in the 2020 NLDS. They traded for front line (ish) pitching — including Blake Snell who dominated the Dodgers in the 2020 World Series. They built a better bench and reshaped the bullpen.

But the Dodgers never stopped building and adding either.

Maybe it’s less papi vs niño and more heavyweight fighter vs middleweight. For now, we’ll just enjoy the Hall of Famer’s analysis.

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