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Dodgers News: Diamondbacks’ Miguel Montero Calls Out Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig has been in the big leagues for just over a month and has already been painted as a villain and someone that the media finds it difficult to talk to.

So far, there seems to be a budding rivalry between Puig and the Arizona Diamondbacks as he was hit by Ian Kennedy last month that ignited a brawl between the two teams.

One Diamondbacks player in particular, Miguel Montero, seems to have it out for Puig according Tyler Emerick of

“If he’s my teammate, I probably try to teach him how to behave in the big leagues,” Montero said. “He’s creating a bad reputation around the league, and it’s unfortunate because the talent that he has is to be one of the greatest players in the big leagues. Right now, I’m not going to say he’s the best because he hasn’t proved anything yet. Does he have talent? Of course.”

Montero seems to be upset with Puig after he ran him over at home plate the night before and while he was clearly going to be out, he gave him the Dikembe Mutombo winger wave after the play.

The Dodgers completed the three-game sweep against the Diamondbacks last night to pull within 1.5 of first place as Puig saw his batting average drop below .400 for the first time.

Puig is in his “first slump”of his young career, but with Hanley Ramirez hitting the  way he is, the Dodgers offense is still performing at a high level.

The Dodgers-Diamondbacks rivalry seems to be alive and well as Puig becomes the one player every opposing team targets when they play the Dodgers.


Ross Gasmer

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  1. He can run his mouth all he wants, the kid (Puig) has talent and confidence that you need in a winning ballplayer no matter what level he is on… Montero and the rest of the douche bags got swept by not Puig, but a Dodger team that stands 100% behind him… they combined to hit over 42 times in the series against the 1st place team in the NL West, compared to just 18… they came from behind to beat them in extra innings last night, a game that would have been a win for the Dbacks in April/May/June but this Dodgers team is a whole different blue now… Can it be that it took Puig a month to get nominated to the All Stars, while it took him 10 years to get an all star berth and thats why he’s mad? Or is it that for the first time in his career, he was hit so hard that he found out what a real catcher has to deal with? IDK, but Puig is going to do what Puig does and the Dodgers are a much more physical team now than they have been in years and its a good thing… So what, no one likes the Yankees because the win World Series, its time for the Dodgers to do the same and remind everybody that October is only for those who fight for it… It was Montero after all who said that you don’t buy championships. He’s right, you scrape and fight for it. Go Dodgers! Go Blue! Its time LA, lets get back to October where we belong!

  2. Don’t block the plate then, you giant wuss. Plenty of catchers are doing the sweep tag now. If you don’t want any contact you can do the Buster Posey tag now too. Or go play softball and stop your crying.

  3. I guess it hurts to get your ass kicked repeatedly in front of your home fans, eh Miguel? It’s called karma. How about you stop calling for Ian Kennedy to hit Dodger hitters in the head and maybe the Dodgers won’t be so demonstrative when we beat you on your own field.
    Shut your mouth and take your losses like a man.

  4. Sounds like Montero is sad that he actually had to do his job. Bat boy is less physical, and maybe more suited for him if he doesn’t like plays at the plate.

  5. Montero is starting to sound like a dick. He talked trash about Trevor Bauer and now about Puig. He’s just jealous because he drives a lambo and the rookies are stealing his thunder. Oh, by the way Montero is barely batting his own weight. He’s at .218 and weighs 210. Why doesn’t he just STFU and worry about himself.

    Also, what exactly is a winger wave? Or if that is code, we can tell Montero to go Wuck himself.

    That is all.

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