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Dodgers News: Dodger Talk Will Air Wednesdays On AM 570 Radio

The Los Angeles Dodgers were eliminated from the playoff just two weeks ago, but the momentum they carried through the entire season hasn’t stopped in the off-season.

With holes to fill and deep pockets, the Dodgers will be a player for most free agent signings and they’ve already made one signing after locking up Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero last week. The demand for Dodger information is so high that AM 570 Radio is bringing “Dodger Talk” back on Wednesday’s according to David Vassegh of AM570 Radio:


During the season, Dodger Talk airs after the games as Vassegh, Kevin Kennedy and Jorge Jarrin provide insight from the game and take calls from the fans.

Starting next season, the Dodgers will have their own channel on Time Warner Cable called SportsNet LA as the demand for Dodger news during and after the season has skyrocketed with their success on the field. Talking to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, Vassegh talked about the enthusiasm from Dodger fans:

You can definitely tell. They’re more positive. Even when they lost in the playoffs, the callers didn’t treat it like an ending. They thought of it as just the beginning under the new ownership group.

With 12 free agents and already rumors they could be interested in several high profile free agents, the Dodgers will be in the spotlight again during the off-season.


In case you missed it, here’s the Dodgers pool celebration, PLUS Yasiel Puig’s celebration dance off!

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