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Dodgers News: Dodgers Were Opening Day ‘Winner’

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Diego Padres 15-0 on opening day. Saying they “beat” the Padres doesn’t even do it justice. They flat out embarrassed San Diego in front of their own fans. That’s something no team has ever endured in the history of baseball when it comes to opening day.

That victory, one that rang as historic, helped put Los Angeles on the “winners” side of the ledger when it came to Opening Day Winners and Loser, as posted by Big League Stew on Yahoo! Sports. And why wouldn’t it? It was a systematic destruction of a major league team for the world to see.

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From the Big League Stew staff on Yahoo! Sports:

The Dodgers walloped the San Diego Padres, 15-0. Clayton Kershaw pitched for the Dodgers, which help explains the 0 for San Diego. He threw seven innings of one-hit ball, striking out nine and even got a hit. Every Dodgers starter got a hit, including Adrian Gonzalez, who was 3-for-4 and Yasiel Puig, who was 2-for-3 and scored three runs. As for the Padres? Well … (Oz)

Think about two specific things here. First off, every single starter for the team got a hit. Every. Single. One. That’s outstanding. No one had a bad day at the plate. Everyone got rewarded. Secondly, Clayton Kershaw had as many hits by himself as he gave up to the Padres on the mound. Hilarity.

The Dodgers were a house of fire yesterday, and hopefully they can continue that kind of energy and aggression all season long. It is just one game, but a 15-0 rout of a division opponent on opening day does at least make people feel better. And it should. It was downright special and fun.

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