Dodgers News: Don Mattingly Takes Good Approach With Yasiel Puig

When the Dodgers called up outfielder Yasiel Puig in early June, nobody could foresee the energy that he would bring to the team after two terrible months.

The team was buried and there seemed to be no hope in sight and Puig electrified Dodger Stadium with his aggressive base running, dazzling plays in the outfield and incredible power.

Just like all young players, there’s a steep learning curve at the big league level and Puig continues to learn about hitting cut off men and running the bases correctly.

Don Mattingly talked about the mistakes Puig has been making to Ken Gurnick of

These are the Spring Training stuff we talked about when you were asking why not bring him up. You want them to know the scoreboard, know the outs, who’s coming up. These are mistakes you don’t want to see. But you take the good with the bad.

In yesterday’s game, Puig tried to tag from second on a shallow fly ball to center and made the last out at third and continues to not hit the cut off man.

Puig was picked off this afternoon by Cole Hamels as his aggressive base running has been good, like in the comeback against the Mets or bad like yesterday.

The Dodgers incredible streak has softened the blow of some of the mistakes, but in a one run loss today, every mistake is magnified more and more.

Without Puig the Dodgers wouldn’t be in the spot they’re in, but before the playoffs start, he and the rest of the team need to revisit the basics.


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