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Dodgers News: Fire Officials Displeased With ‘Hot Foot’ Dugout Prank

[new_royalslider id=”203″] As the Los Angeles Dodgers continue their hot streak on the field, they were seen bringing the heat in the dugout as well with a “hot foot” prank on Scott Van Slyke during Sunday‘s victory.

The team has seen its’ fair share of pranks and dugout antics in the past couple seasons, including feeding Juan Uribe a banana last season and the bubble machine in the dugout this season. Thus far, the shenanigans have drawn a few critics because of the lack of seriousness for a winning ball club, but also draws some praise for its’ presence of chemistry.

Well, there were some new critics following the flaming foot and they weren’t too happy according to TMZ Sports:

The whole thing made national news — but Captain Jaime Moore from the L.A. City Fire Dept. tells us, “These guys are supposed to be role models and playing with fire is not a joke.”

While the Dodgers are expected to behave themselves, it’s hard to fault a team that has made up 9.5 games in three weeks to put themselves back in first place. The win on Sunday put the team in position to take sole possession of the top spot in the National League West with a win against the Cleveland Indians on Monday night.

Another fire official gave his take on the situation and he wasn’t a fan of the prank either:

We also spoke with Tom Olshanski — the Director of External Affairs for the United States Fire Administration (a division of FEMA) who tells us, “We work tirelessly to warn people of the dangers of fire and to see it celebrated by professional athletes, on TV and in front of kids, is frustrating.”

Children do look up to ballplayers and occasionally try to mimic what they see on television, but it is usually the on-field moves that are replicated. One major concern before for professional baseball players was the use of chewing tobacco because of the same thing — younger players wanting to chew as well.

While the Dodgers will not receive any formal reprimands for their prank, it will likely be the last time that it occurs this season.

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  1. Someone tell those fire guys not to worry!! 70% of LA aren’t able to see the Dodgers!!!

  2. Fire officials give them a break you guys have other thing to worry about go dodgers

  3. The hot foot is a prank that has been around the game of baseball forever. There’s never been any problems.

  4. Those hose draggers can get a life. As long as my dodgers are winning play on. Lets go blue

  5. Parents raise your kids right! The rest of you, STAY OUT OF IT! It was a joke! These guys think that humanity wouldn’t be able to survive without their unsolicited input! Soooo Stupid!

  6. Get over it Mr fireman. Some of the best firework shows I’ve seen here in L.A. and O.C. are from firemen using confiscated fireworks. You guys are supposed to be role models also. I’ve never seen a hot foot prank go out of control and I doubt you have either. Get a life and put out real fires.

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