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Dodgers News: Former Closer Craig Kimbrel Finds New Home With Phillies

Dodgers fans officially never have to fear Craig Kimbrel pitching in blue again. It was clear the Dodgers were not ready to commit to him when it mattered most and the lack of a true closer ended up shooting the team in the foot.

This finally boiled over to zero chance of Kimbrel coming back, but fortunately for him he signed a nice deal with the Phillies and re-joins his old teammate Trea Turner. The Phillies take a small gamble on Kimbrel signing him to just a one-year $10 million deal.

It’s uncertain what his role will end up being, but the Phillies will now look to unearth the man who was among the leaders in saves. However, he was also on the wrong end of blowing too many saves for Dodgers fans.

Ultimately, the right-hander went 6-7 with a 3.75 ERA over 63 games in his lone season in LA.

The distant memory of Kimbrel will forever be engrained in Dodgers fans minds as he looks for what can be a fresh new restart. The blown saves were a massive reason for the Dodgers to not bring Kimbrel back and a glaring issue knowing he wasn’t going to be trusted in the postseason.

His All-Star days seem like a distant memory, but perhaps a change of scenery can bring him back to a top tier closer.

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  1. The Phillies get a Dodger pitcher that can’t pitch and the Dodgers get a Phillies player that can’t hit.

  2. Kimbrel did not have a good year with the Dodgers and I for one won’t miss him. Closing is tough, people expect you to be lights out every single day, but fans forget people are human. Even Jansen had a mid-season hiccup in his last year with the Dodgers and people were ready to run him out of town for 3 bad games, but he came back and I wish he had come back to the Dodgers.

  3. It’s all about choices. Jansen probably wanted to get paid his worth and the Dodgers were not willing to pay top dollar.

  4. “…the lack of a true closer ended up shooting the team in the foot.”
    NOT true. Roberts the Clown shot us in the foot.

  5. Never have to fear Kimbrel pitching, Bellie hitting or Justin Turner hurt. But with Trea and Anderson gone we have to worry about winning

  6. Will miss Trea, a true all star across the board, plus fun to watch. I am afraid our leaders sat on the dock and watched most the ships sail when they had money for a few powerhouse deals. I have bled Blue since before Lasorda showed up and am not impressed with current front office.

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