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Dodgers News: Former LA All-Star Can’t Wait To Call Boston Home

A familiar face and someone fans miss now more than ever is finding his new home in Boston. Three-time All-Star Kenley Jansen was introduced into the Red Sox clubhouse and couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity.

Jansen who made his name with 11 years in the Dodgers which included a 2020 World Series ring spent last season with the Braves. After just one season, Jansen finds his third home in three seasons.

Jansen still remains one of the top closers in the game and someone the Dodgers could heavily rely on now more than ever. All Dodgers fans can do now is reminisce as Jansen gets ready to make an impact with the Red Sox (via Ian Browne, MLB).

“It happened so quick,” Jansen said during Tuesday’s introductory press conference at Fenway Park. “I was excited. I couldn’t even finish watching my movie, because I’m coming to Boston.”

Playing in storied franchises is something Jansen is all too familiar with. The perfect piece for Boston.

“It’s one of the historic organizations in baseball, and the weight that the name Red Sox carries, it just gets you excited, gets your adrenaline going,” Jansen said.

The Dodgers have remained complacent with signing more pitchers to the struggling unit and it wasn’t out of the realm of possibility to bring Jansen back. Now that ship has sailed like many rumors circulating with the team as they have more question marks now than before entering the off-season.

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  1. Great for Kenley, but he’s old news! I personally don’t really care what he’s doing! He’s not going to like the old April’s and May’s!

  2. Clearly the Dodgers don’t want to bring him back. The want to go a different direction. Thus far their closer replacement direction has been “going south.”

  3. What are they doing. ?!?!?!? They have NO closer. How do you let Jansen get away. Where is the closer, clearly not last year’s loser. COME ON ALREADY. !!!!!!!

  4. This Dodgers team is not @ all balanced like it was when we won it all in 2020. I still say Jansen would have been a reliable asset to the pitching staff. Injuries were not good for us and it showed down the stretch. You see why we always never make it out of those rounds to advance forward. I’m starting to question the 2020 title team season . So is this gonna be another 30 plus years on winning a WS again. I”m not gonna live forever u know…. Only 48.I’d like to be here for awhile to c another one b4 I leave this earth. Goooo Brooklyn Atlantics!!!!

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