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Dodgers News: Friedman Reaffirms Kenley Jansen as Closer, Looking for Help

While all who follow the Los Angeles Dodgers wait to see what prize free agent gets the first big offer, president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman spoke to the media.

Of note, Friedman brings about a few key points worth filing away for Dodgers fans. First off, Friedman tells Ken Gurnick of among others that he sees Kenley Jansen as the closer. However, this bit of news does come with a caveat.

Equally important, is that Friedman would like to add help in this area ‘as an option’ for late in the game. Indeed, it sounds like in a perfect world; the Dodgers would like to find a match in the form of a reliever who can close if need be.

Remember – when Joe Kelly signed with the Dodgers a year ago – incentives were added for games finished and helping out in a closer-type role.

Still, it sounds as though Friedman and his colleagues are in the hunt to find someone with a true closer’s make-up or a bit of versatility. For instance, the next tweet from Gurnick shows that Friedman sees the bullpen as a pressing need.

Equally important, Friedman says that the Dodgers’ only true position of need is bullpen help. On one hand, this could be concerning. Already we have heard Friedman say through the media that the Dodgers are fine as they are constructed. Therefore, if the Dodgers miss out on all tier-one free agents and land a bullpen arm or two; he may figure the off-season a wide success.

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In addition, Friedman says that there are around a dozen free agents the club has in their sites. Finally, he expects that the ongoing talks at the winter meetings in San Diego will ‘crystalize’ trade talks that eventually take place in the weeks to come.

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  1. Well go do it. Bullpen arms are there for the taking. Since you aren’t getting Cole go use that money on Betances and Treinen

    1. Seems like we should have gone after Smith, who signed early with the Braves. In mho it sounds like Friedman is the type of person who makes a plan and sticks with it. He doesn’t give up on it after only one off yr (Pollock, Kelly) but is realistic enough to adjust when needed. Another poster on this site suggested moving every infielder to a new position! Chaos? That would suggest you developed players, made room for them on the roster and now are conceding that you were wrong on every single one! Like wanting a divorce after your first argument.

      I think we should appreciate Friedman’s foresight and patience. He has done a fantastic job!

  2. “I think we should appreciate Friedman’s foresight and patience. He has done a fantastic job!”

    You cannot be serious!

    “Since you aren’t getting Cole go use that money on Betances and Treinen.” – I agree – nothing more important than a reliable setup man!

  3. “Friedman says that the Dodgers’ only true position of need is bullpen help.”

    No kidding, boy genius!

  4. Friedman is finally feeling the heat from the Customers that PAY his salary. We Dodgers fans have heard the same jibberish from him for a couple years now. Kenley is dropping fast, and Friedman gives us a bone to pick our teeth with. Why doesn’t he just say the obvious that we need, and have needed B.P. help for 2 years, and he gave Kenley the benefit last year? If they were honest with us it would be easier to trust in what they say. They being he and Kasten…

    1. Kirk, correct you are and again, to you and all the folks here enjoy the Holidays but don’t set expectations from these Winter meetings too high or even at all. It would thus be less of a disappointment because it’s what was expected all along.

  5. You know you need bullpen help. So at least get guys with a shot at being a closer. Kelly sucked. So let’s play musical closers, and see who rises to the occasion. If you can get a guy like Harder go for it. Otherwise give multiple guys a shot.

  6. The #1 immediate position that needs to be filled is Manager. The only reason the Dodgers lost the championship series is bad choices by the manager. Putting in washed up Kershaw cost to immediate home runs. Then washed up Jensen was the nail in the coffin. A manager that doesnt manage with emotion is required to bring the World Series back to LA

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