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Dodgers News: Giancarlo Stanton Clears Waivers, Available to Trade

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton has cleared trade waivers and is now available to every Major League Baseball team in the league through a trade.

The news was first reported by Jeff Passan of Yahoo:

Passan said that he believes that the Marlins should trade him right now or this winter.

Stanton comes along with a little bit of baggage, but it should not be anything to shy away from if he continues to play the way he has in 2017.

First off, Stanton is under contract through at least 2027, his age 37 season, and he will be making no less than $25MM a season over the course of that entire contract. He has a club option for 2028 that is also set at $25MM and if the club wants to perform the buyout, they will be forced to pay him $10MM to not play for the team.

Stanton also has quite an injury history, playing more than 123 games only two times over the course of his 8-year Major League Baseball career.

The odds of him being moved mid-season are very low. It would be something that came out of the blue like the Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford trade the Dodgers made just a few years back.

Stanton in the fifth spot of the Dodgers’ lineup would make them the best offense in baseball by far. Why the Dodgers would be sacrificing the outfield defense from the only true center fielder in Joc Pederson, Stanton’s bat would be a much more valuable asset to the team. Puig or Taylor could shift to center field to make room for Stanton.

The Dodgers acquiring Stanton would almost surely remove them from the future race of trying to sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado.

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  1. I don’t know about Stanton but Cody Bellenger reminds me of Ted Williams. The thin build the bushy brown hair, the classic lefty swing and the same height!!!! I’m old enough to have seen Ted at the end of his playing days and they are a match!!!!!

  2. Some people have not been paying attention. For the past several years, the Dodgers have been working toward phasing out large payrolls and lowering payroll from record levels by slowly but surely developing major league talent through the annual MLB Draft, trades, and building talented depth throughout the Dodger organization. Each season, more of the large contracts will expire and they will (in large part) be replaced by young, not-so-expensive talent, such as Seager, Bellinger, (and next season) Verdugo and Beuller. So … get real, taking on Stanton’s contract is not even being considered by the Dodger Front Office.

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