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Dodgers News: Giants CEO Larry Baer Discusses Brian Wilson Incident

It was one of the more bizarre moments of the season when Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson went over to Giants CEO Larry Baer last night and asked him for his 2012 World Series ring.

With the Giants still on the field celebrating their 3-2 win over the Dodgers, Wilson had a rather heated conversation with his former boss as he was upset that he still hadn’t received his ring. This morning, Baer went on the “Murph and Mac” show on KNBR in San Francisco and discussed the incident:

So he came over and said, “When am I getting my ring?” Basically, it was demonstrative and all that, it’s heat of the moment, I think he was being heckled by the fans when he was warming up, so I get it. As much of a big deal as it seemed, it’s not that big of a deal.

Baer mentioned that the Giants tried several times to set-up meetings with Wilson to get him the ring, but none worked out so Wilson took matters into his own hands.

Wilson was apart of two championship teams in San Francisco and pitching for the Dodgers has drawn the ire of several Giants fans. Many speculated that Wilson was upset with the lack of bullpen security, but it turns out that all he wanted was to get his World Series ring.

The Dodgers and Giants won’t face each other again this season and it sounds like there was a resolution as Baer called Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti and got Wilson his 2012 ring.

It’ll be interesting to see if Wilson ends up re-signing with the Dodgers in the offseason as he’s now become a villain in a place he used to be loved, in San Francisco.


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Ross Gasmer

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  1. hmm lets see Wilson plays his beard out and then gets hurt .. the Giants organization turns its back on Wilson.. he sits a whole season rehabing and then when the Giants refuse to resign him he gets a job somewhere else… just because it is for the Dodgers.. go for him.. The Giants Front office obviously has no clue how to win again after the way this season went.. and the other players they let go.. Wilson deserved his ring and now has a chance at another with the Dodgers.. as an A’s fan the Giants front office needs to think about the what they did to make the Giants suck this year..

  2. I hope he is re-signed by the Dodgers. He would be a great set up man and insurance if Jansen gets hurt. He is good in the clubhouse too

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