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Dodgers News: Grandal Named 9th Best Catcher in MLB

Today over at The Sports Fan Journal, they released their list of the top ten catchers in Major League Baseball going into the 2016 season. On that list were names you’d expect, and one that belonged to a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. So, it was a good list.

At the top of the list was Buster Posey of the San Francisco Giants, which comes as literally no shock whatsoever since he’s great defensively and a great offensive catcher. After that, though, the list got interesting. Especially when you looked towards the bottom half of the top ten.

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Yasmani Grandal, a trade acquisition for the Dodgers prior to last season, was listed as the 9th best catcher in the game, and this was written about him:

His eye at the plate improved last season (an increase in walks combined with a steep decline in strikeouts), which produced a career-best .353 on-base percentage. He profiles to produce plus power from behind the plate, although his switch hitting future is likely as a first baseman.

One interesting thing to note is that Grandal’s second half numbers were a major decline from his first half numbers, primarily due to a shoulder injury that he’s since had surgery to fix. With that said, 2016 could be a stellar year for the 27-year old.

Catcher is a relatively thin position after the top two or three candidates, so Grandal could see himself vaulted into the discussion of one of the best catchers in the game if he’s able to put together a fantastic 2016. Combined with his pitch framing, which put him 3rd in baseball last season, the sky is still the limit for him.

Grandal has youth, offense, and receiving skills on his side. If he’s able to stay healthy, produce over a full season, and throw out just a tad more runners, then the Dodgers could certainly have their backstop position sewn up for the future with him on board.

Although, as mentioned, Grandal shifting to first base in the future might be in the cards. And that’s just another option for the team. Either way, Grandal is getting his just praise.

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  1. IF, that is the big word here. IF…he is recovering from shoulder surgery. So as with Matt Kemp before him, he will likely not hit for as much power the first year back. Also, I personally think the guy is a very selfish player, his defensive skills are not even close to Ellis’s. His big plus is the so called pitch framing ability he has. I think the guy is way over rated..

  2. So many ifs  on  this team! He is very overrated because he hasn’t done anything in his career.  But I think he could become a very good player, and we can only hope.

  3. I agree with both of the commentators. Michael you are correct he is renowned for his pitch framing a stat one of the better catchers and managers of his generation Mike Scioscia calls a BS stat. He is selfish as he did not inform the team how bad his shoulder actually was and took at bats from AJ Ellis in the playoffs when AJ was HOT. This is a serious issue as every at bat is valuable when you are in the Playoffs and he was a rally killer as he could not swing the bat but did not take himself out for the good of the team. So I have little respect for him. Also he is not a very good defensive catcher as he cannot block balls to his left in the dirt and while he has improved is not the game caller AJ is.
    I think we have guys like Barnes and Farmer behind him that will eventually unless the Front Office guys have crazy love for him will relegate him to the bench or trade him. Barnes is a better defensive catcher and a better hitter.

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