Dodgers News: Hyun-Jin Ryu leads in Cy Young Poll

Dodgers ace Hyun-Jin Ryu is leading in the updated National League Cy Young poll, in what has essentially become a two-player race. Ryu represents the Dodgers while Max Scherzer is in the hunt with the Nationals. Here is a breakdown of how their seasons have gone.

Ryu Scherzer
Record 11-2 9-5
ERA 1.53 2.41
Starts 21 20
IP 135.2 134.1
SO 117 189
WHIP 0.94 0.99

Italics indicates league leader.

This will be a close race until the end, and it may depend on which player remains healthy. The Dodgers already have the better record and will likely finish with the best record in the Major Leagues. Scherzer has definitely struck more batters out, however, Ryu has allowed fewer runs. He carries a ridiculous 1.53 earned run average on the season thus far.

Since the All-Star break, Hyun-Jin Ryu has a record of 2-0 in 4-games pitched before hitting the injured list over the weekend with a neck issue. When Ryu has been active, the Dodgers have gone 4-0, and he has pitched to an ERA of 1.59 while striking out 18 batters.

Scherzer pitched in just one game since the All-Star break before hitting the IL. In that start, he pitched 5 innings and struck out 8 batters.

As mentioned earlier, this race could come down to who remains healthy.

MLB Network analyst Dan Plesac shared his thoughts on the NL Cy race a few weeks ago.

When the season started, you think of the Dodgers, you think of Clayton Kershaw, you think of Walker Buehler — monster first half of the season [for Hyun-Jin Ryu].

He is the present day version of David Wells. He commands the strike zone, flips his breaking ball over for strikes, this is like splitting hairs. Max Scherzer, right now, might be the hottest in baseball. I would say Ryu by the slimmest margin.

Final Thoughts

Hyun-Jin Ryu should be the Cy Young winner. Mostly because the Dodgers could very well end with the best record in baseball, and will likely end up with slightly better numbers than Scherzer, aside from strikeouts. Although he’s given up more hits, he’s allowed 10 fewer runs than Scherzer has. Ryu has 2 more wins than Scherzer, and 3 fewer losses, which could ultimately lock in the prestigious award.

Levon Satamian

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  1. Let’s say Ryu wins the Cy Young Award, will the FO let him walk at the end of the season? Remember, they can’t offer him a qualifying offer because they did that last year.

  2. Ryu is a Boras client. The Dodgers will offer him a competitive offer but the question is for how many years especially with Ryu’s injury history. The Los Angeles area has a vibrant Korean community and fan base. I am sure that will weigh in Ryu’s decision.
    On the plus side the Dodgers have Gonsolin and May that look to be Major League ready. So next year could be Kershaw, Buehler, Urias, Maeda, and Ryu or May and/or Gonsolin. With guys like White, Santana and Grey coming up fast. Look how young the Dodgers are trending!

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