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Dodgers News: Justin Bruihl Gets the Start in Los Angeles Tonight

The Dodgers are looking to win their 6th consecutive game tonight in Los Angeles. They are also looking to sweep the Pirates in a series that they really should take all 3 games. It would  also give them a chance to gain a game on the Giants in the NL West tonight. 

Looking to make up that ground, the Dodgers will send out left-handed pitcher Justin Bruihl to make the start as an opener. This is the second time that Bruihl will start as an opener with Los Angeles having to throw some bullpen games. 

After Bruihl, the Dodgers will go with Mitch White for the bulk of the innings out of the bullpen. Dave Roberts had mentioned that White would take down most of the game earlier this week, though he was not sure if he would start.

Other Dodgers News

The Dodgers might be one step closer to getting Mookie Betts back into their lineup. The superstar outfielder should start baseball activity again this week, and that’s a big step in his return from a sore hip. For the moment, it sounds like Mookie has been pain-free. 

Are you heading out to Spring Training in 2022? Well, the Dodgers just dropped their schedule for Cactus League play, and there are a few games you will not want to miss. Make sure you check it out before it’s too late to book ahead! 

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  1. Sure enough this inept manager strikes again for tonight’s lineup. Lux plays 2nd, Trea Turner sits, all the while Dodgers have a chance to gain ground as Giants lost earlier today. Unbelievable along with another BP. Stay tuned for more stuff from the Roberts insanity channel.

    1. Yesterday DR shot the Dodgers in the foot by sitting Muncy and JT in the same game. Today he is shooting his team in the foot by sitting Trea Turner and CT3 in the same game. It’s tough enough to sit one of your top players for any game. But sitting two of them at the same time is insane. The Dodgers have two foes to overcome to win the division. The Giants and their own manager. But DR is the bigger obstacle. With a different manager, the Dodgers would be leading the NL west right now. And the Giants would be fighting for a wild card.

    2. Guess the grueling stressful schedule and the fact that he had to isolate for COVID has taken its toll for Trea. Roberts is just totally lost in space. I bet Trea would be in the lineup if he had his say.. These guys need to play together to get a feel for each other and gel. Time is running out to catch the Giants. There is no place on the roster for Lux. Bad at 2nd, worse at short, and pathetic at 3rd. Yes, I agree Paul that if Trea departs it would be because of Roberts. If I was a top notch FA, I’d say screw it going to the Dodgers.

    3. In their first at bats today, the two guys who were benched last night, Muncy and JT, hit back to back HR, and run scoring double. Boom instant 3 to nothing lead in the first inning.

  2. If Trea Turner decides to depart for FA after the 2022 season i now wouldn’t really blame him. And we would know the main reason why, and his name is Roberts.. Can somebody please remind Roberts that we are in a pennant chase at a crucial time of the year?

  3. Interesting…..

    The Dodger lineup tonight was not posted until after the Giants lost today against the Mets.

    Another day, another Dodger batting order that we have never seen.

    What we have seen, sadly on a continual basis, Roberts always seems to be ‘resting’ everyday players, using struggling players instead while in the mist of a pennant race, and as of now, 3.5 games behind 1st place.

    Tonight’s examples:

    2nd base:
    Turner – spa day
    Lux starting (2 days in a row off the DL, Turner off the DL could not do it, per Roberts)
    Other option – Zach McKinstry
    Lux: 83 games, 281 at bats – 6 HR 37 RBI .224 10 errors
    McKinstry: 59 games, 157 at bats – 7 HR 29 RBI .217 5 errors

    Betts – IR
    McKinney starting
    Other option – Matt Beaty
    McKinney: 21 games 57 at bats – 1 HR 5 RBI .175 (as a Dodger)
    Beaty: 99 games 208 at bats – 5 HR 34 RBI .267

    In a regular game, figure 4 at bats per guy = 8 at bats total.

    Looks as if in the game, Roberts have given up 8 at bats.

    Every game, you play to win. Time is running out.

    We shall see by the end of the game tonight, how well the above referenced players performed and added their ‘skills’ to a Dodger victory? I can only hope for the best.

    Go Dodgers!!!!!

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