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Dodgers News: Kenta Maeda Introduced

Just about half an hour before what started as a mystery press conference, the Dodgers officially announced they had signed Kenta Maeda. Then, with the subject of the presser finally known, Maeda strolled into the interview room and had his brand new Los Angeles Dodgers number 18 draped over him.

There isn’t much that can be said in the middle of January, but there were a few fun morsels to take away from Maeda’s introduction.

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After the typical “we’re happy to have him”/”I’m honored to be here” appetizers, the attention very quickly shifted to what might’ve been found in his physical. He wasn’t giving much away on that front.

This was unavoidable. The status of his elbow will remain a talking point basically until it breaks down, especially if that happens in the first year. Reporters were simply doing there job trying to poke and prod for some kind of actual answer on that front, but there was zero chance he was going to admit to anything specific in this setting.

Next, the subject became his ability to adjust to the MLB game. Again, though, Maeda wasn’t letting anything stop him from wanting to enjoy his first moments as an official Dodgers.

None of these questions can be answered until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, which still isn’t for quite some time. For now, the Dodgers get to work on filling out the roster, however they see fit as Maeda prepares for his first season in the United States.

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