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Dodgers News | Rumors: Maeda Introduced, Piazza Jersey Retirement, And More

The Dodgers finalized a major signing today, and should they retire the now-Hall of Fame catcher Mike Piazza’s number? There’s that and more in today’s credits.

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  • Despite the recent additions, the front office does not get passing grades so far. [LA Times]
  • Mike Piazza has been elected to the Hall of Fame, but he made it difficult for Dodger fans to share his happiness. [LA Times]
  • It’s not hard to piece together 162 starts from the Dodgers’ rotation, writes Mike Petriello. [Dodgers Digest]

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  • Howard Cole wrote about the “most under appreciated Dodgers ever in L.A. history.” [Forbes]
  • Jacob Shafer wonders whether or not the Dodgers’ rotation is good enough to compete for a 2016 World Series. [Bleacher Report]
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