Dodgers News: Kershaw Displeased With Cubs Prolonging Delay

Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

En route to the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 loss to the Chicago Cubs on Monday, a rare event happened in the bottom of the sixth inning causing some controversy. With Kris Bryant up to bat, sections of light across the field would flicker on and off and go out for a period of time.

With everyone on the field taking notice, Cubs’ manager Joe Maddon stepped out onto the field to talk to umpires. At the time of the incident, the Cubs were leading 2-1 and Maddon felt that the game should be delayed so that the lighting fixtures could be repaired. After a 10-minute delay, the umpire crew decided that Maddon did not have the basis to argue a judgment call and the game ensued after.

With Kershaw growing more irritated with each passing minute, the southpaw stood in disbelief, attempting to get the game back on track, via Greg Garno of MLB.com:

I just wanted to say, ‘Get off the field and keep the game going,'” he said. “But standing around for 10 minutes, my legs were getting heavy. I wanted an answer.”

The groundskeeper for the Cubs conversed with crew chief Jerry Meals, telling him that the lights would generally come back, one at a time or in segments. While looking above, none of the actual light banks were out and there were only certain light fixtures that were off. Throughout all of the commotion, the two-time Cy Young winner disregarded the opposing manager and his attempt to stall Kershaw and his flow, but gave credit where credit was due:

I don’t know if Joe was trying to do it on purpose or what? It didn’t affect me, but it was a good idea.”

Maddon ended up letting the game continue, but not before putting the game under protest. The southpaw pitcher ensued to finish the inning unscathed, even though Bryant would eventually walk. Starlin Castro and Chris Denorfia would follow with a force out and a ground out to promptly end the inning.

After the game, Kershaw was asked to reflect upon the odd scenario that occurred, and he used a sarcastic answer to sum up what he felt was nonsense, via SportsNet LA:

They won the game so I hope they win their protest.”

The Dodgers now look to turn the page after Monday’s loss with Zack Greinke and his 1.81 ERA on the mound in an attempt to even the series.

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