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Dodgers News: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Latest To Comment On SportsNet LA

[new_royalslider id=”41″] The Los Angeles Dodgers are over one month into the season, yet much of southern California remains unable to watch the games from the comfort of their own home. Outside of the occasional nationally broadcast game, Dodger games are exclusively shown on Time Warner Cable’s SportsNet LA.

Outside of TWC, other companies currently carrying SportsNet LA are Bright House Networks and Champion Broadband. Customers of major carries such as, AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Dish Network and Verizon FiOS, remain in the dark with minimal, if any, updates on what progress is being made to fix the increasingly frustrating situation.

With DirecTV widely considered one of the, if not the, industry leader among cable providers, their reluctance to strike a deal with TWC has likely had a trickle down effect. On Tuesday, Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti was the latest public figure to be critical of the current situation, according to ESPN via an AP report:

I hope that we can resolve the fact that our home town baseball team, the Dodgers, is not currently seen on all of our boxes around the city.”

The only updates — if they can be classified as such — came in early April when DirecTV and TWC representatives sparred through the media, essentially accusing each other of not wanting to complete a deal. Within the last week, Dodgers president Stan Kasten spoke out, warning fans that he believes DirecTV will hold out for the entire season.

As the negotiations have dragged on, Dodger fans have begun to direct their anger towards the Dodgers, which Kasten also addressed at the time of mentioning his belief of DirecTV’s intentions. The change in television rights is line with what several other teams in larger markets have done, but it also is a stark change to how easily it had been to watch the Dodgers on TV for many years.

While Garcetti is an influential figure, unless there is a major change of heart between the negotiating parties, his plea will likely fall on deaf ears as the others have.
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  1. The Dodger’s have turned their backs on the fans of LA. By signing this deal with TWC they’ve shown they are here only for profit. Shouldn’t it be profit AND fans?

  2. Unfortunately I gree with this comment, they could, of at least stayed on channel 9 kcal. Not everyone can afford cable.

  3. During the contract negotiations I’m surprised that this issue didn’t come up. Part of the success of the Dodger Brand has to do with access to the Dodger content. Not having the ability to catch a game at home, or even flip over to the Dodger game from time to time in the evening to see what is going on is like we have lost our baseball team!

    Clearly greed over took marketing 101 on this one. This snafu may enter my all time top 10 business bungles of all time on my marketing lecture presentation.

  4. As far as I’m concerned the ’14 season is in the tank. I’m a Dodgers fan ,But i really don’t care if they win lose or draw,anymore . Now not only can i not see the Dodgers on T.V. but I can’t even afford to take my family to a game up in Top Deck section anymore , which was a bad place to see a Dodger game to start with,but very affordable to take a family of four for a night out,but you do get a lovely view of the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance from up there. These new owners screwed us fans even worse than the McCourts !

  5. Will not be going to any Dodger games until settled. I will always be a Dodger fan but can’t watch any games so this situation isn’t working for me. This needs to be fixed, I think it is almost illegal.

  6. It started with the Dodgers and should end with the Dodgers. They need to step in and figure out a way that their biggest fan base can see their games. Very Greedy. My son’s dog formerly known as Dodger is now being called Trout….over 40 years a fan…and will probably jump ship if this is not settled very soon

  7. Can you, Mayor Garcetti, assist us is finding ways to put pressure on TWC and the Dodgers? We need your influence. Give us a couple of ideas and we will follow through. Thanks. Actually, its time for Bud Selig to apply pressure!

  8. Kasten should resign or be fired…he is the one who negotiated this deal without making
    Sure that Dodgers would be seen on tv.. $$$

  9. I have been a Dodger fan for 60 years. I am extremely disappointed in the Dodgers for letting this happen. I plan to retire in two years and have always dreamed of buying season tickets when I would have the time to really enjoy them. Since the decision was made by the Dodgers I have not watched nor listened to a single game. I do really miss hearing Vince Scully. TWC and the Dodgers want everyone to put pressure on their own cable providers. The pressure and blame should be put on the Dodgers for not caring about their lifelong fans or the the next generation of fans that they have lost.

  10. I called Directv this morning and got $10 off my bill for six months from them – $60 bucks. I think they are now giving out credits to customers that call and complain.

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