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Dodgers News: Los Angeles Voted Best Uniform in the NL West

The Dodgers’ uniform has been a classic fit for a very long time. For the most part, their clean home white uniforms have changed very little, and that’s a good thing. 

FOX Sports ran a little competition this week, going division-by-division to see which teams had the best uniforms. The Dodgers took home that title for the NL West in what was likely an easy victory.

The home jersey is all white with ‘Dodgers’ written in script across the chest in royal. The away jersey is grey and says ‘Los Angeles’ written in script across the chest in royal. The uniforms have changed very little since the 1930s, with a few exceptions. 

The Dodgers made the move from Brooklyn in the 1950s, so the city name obviously had to change on the road jerseys. MLB also partnered with Nike this past offseason, and the jerseys will all feature the iconic swoosh on the front of all jerseys as a part of a $1 billion deal. That addition has had baseball fans split from the day it was announced.

Do you think the Dodgers have the best uniform in all of baseball?

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  1. 1) Dodgers
    3) Yankees
    4) RedSox
    5) Cubs
    6) Angels
    7) Giants

    Top 7 uniforms

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